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Bearer Bonds
Not in owner's name; must present coupon to issuing corp. for payment.
Convertible Bond
Exchanged for shares of common stock
corporate bond
Corp's written pledge to repay bond amt. with interest.
General obligation bond
Backed by government that issued it.
Mortgage bond
a corp. bond backed by various assets of issuing corp.
Municipal bond
Issued by state or local government.
registered bond
registered in owner's name by issuing company.
Registered coupon bond
Registered for principal only; not interest.
Repaid from income generated by project it financed.
serial bond
single issue; mature on different dates.
zero coupon bond
sold below face value; no annual,semiannual interest payments;redeemed for face value at maturity.
Bond indenture
legal document that describes conditions relating to a bond issue.
Call feature
allows corp. to buy outstanding bonds from current bndholders before maturity date.
bond that is backed only by reputation of issuing corp.
Face value
dollar amount received at maturity date.
Maturity date
for corp. bond; date corp. must repay borrowed money.
Sinking fund
fund to which annual or semiannual deposits are made to redeem a bond issue.
subordinated debenture
unsecured bond; gives holder secondary claim to interest payments,repayment, and assets.
financially independent firm that acts as bondholder's representative.
yield to maturity
Yield calculation; considers maturity value,time to maturity,current price,dollar amt. interest.