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a nonprofit organization whose member-owners may save money on certain products or services
impulse buying
unplanned purchase
open dating
information about freshness or shelf life found on the package of a perishable product
unit pricing
the use of a standard unit of measurement to compare the prices of packages of different sizes
a partial refund of the price of a product
a written guarantee from the manufacturer or distributor of a product that specifies the conditions under which the product can be returned, replaced or repaired
service contract
an agreement between a business and a consumer to cover the repair costs of a product
the attempt by an impartial third party to resolve a difference between two parties through discussion and negotiation
the settlement of a difference by a third party whose decision is legally binding
small claims court
a court that settles legal differences involving amounts below a set limit and employs a process in which the litigants usually do not use a lawyer
class-action suit
a legal action taken by a few individuals on behalf of all the people who have suffered the same alleged injustice
legal aid society
one of a network of publicly supported community law offices that provide legal assistance to consumers who cannot afford their own attorney