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coordination of benefits (COB)
a method of integrating the benefits payable under more than one health insurance plan
disability income insurance
provides payments to replace income when an insured person is unable to work
hospital expense insurance
pays part or all of hospital bills for room, board and other charges
surgical expense insurance
pays part or all of the surgeon's fees for an operation
physician expense insurance
provides benefits for doctor's fees for nonsurgical care, X rays and lab tests
basic health insurance coverage
hospital expense insurance, surgical expense insurance and physician expense insurance
major medical expense insurance
pays most of the costs exceeding those covered by the hospital, surgical and physician expense policies
an amount the insured must pay before benefits become payable by the insurance company
a provision under which both the insured and the insurer share the covered losses
a provision under which an insured pays a certain amount, after which the insurance company pays 100% of the remaining covered expenses
comprehensive major medical insurance
a type of major medical insurance that has a very low deductible and is offered without a separate basic plan
hospital indemnity policy
pays stipulated daily, weekly or monthly cash benefits during hospital confinement
long-term care insurance (LTC)
provides day-in, day-out care for long-term illness or disability
a provision under which the insured pays a flat dollar amount each time a covered medical service is received after the deductible has been met
Blue Cross
an independent, nonprofit membership corporation that provides protection against the cost of hospital care
Blue Shield
an independent, nonprofit memberscorporation that provides protection against the cost of surgical and medical care
managed care
prepaid health plans that provide comprehensive health care to members
health maintenance organization (HMO)
a health insurance plan that provides a wide range of health care services for a fixed, prepaid monthly premium
preferred provider organization (PPO)
a group of doctors and hospitals that agree to provide health care at reates approved by the insurer
exclusive provider organization (EPO)
renders medical care from affiliated health care providers
point-of-service plan (POS)
a network of selected contracted, participating providers; also called an HMO-PPO hybrid or open-ended HMO
medigap (MedSup) insurance
supplements Medicare by filling the gap between Medicare payments and medical costs not covered by Medicare