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Define solar system.
The sun and all that orbits the sun.
Define the sun.
A spectral type G2 main sequence star at the center of the solar system.
About 99.8% of the solar system's mass is where?
Major bodies orbiting the sun.
What group of planets are close to the sun?
What group of planets are small in size and have a low mass?
What group of planets have a high density?
What group of planets are far from the sun?
What group of planets are large in size and high in mass?
What group of planets have a low density?
Natural satellites of planets.
About how many moons are in the solar system?
Small rocky and metallic bodies that orbit the sun.
Astroids orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter in a disk-like distribution.
Astroid belt
Small icy and rocky body that orbits the sun.
What appears "fuzzy" near the sun as ice turns to vapor?
The source of short period comets.
Kuiper Belt
The source of long period comets.
Oort Cloud
What objects orbit near the sun's equator?
planets, asteroids, and Kuiper belt
How old is the Solar System?
4.56 billion years old
What is the Solar Nebula Theory?
The sun, planets, moons, asteroids, and comets formed about the same time and from the same material. (solar nebula)
What is one key step in planet building?
A. Small particles stick together to form larger particles by processes of condensation/accretion.
What is one key step in planet building?
B. Planet building must begin early.
Iron and rock condense at...?
high and low temperature
Ices condense at..?
low temperatures
Composition of the Solar Nebula.
3/4 hydrogen
1/4 helium
2% heavier element