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Where do the thiazides act?
on the early distal tubules
what class is metalozone where does it act?
thiazide-like, more longer acting, acts near proximal tubule
what drugs cause impotence?
thiazide, beta blockers, and alpha 2 agonists.
what drugs cause GI upset
thiazide and potassium sparing
what drugs cause hypersensitity
thiazides, ace-inhibitors-captopril, and ARBs
what drugs cause photosensitivity
thiazide/loop and triamterene
which drugs are not for use with pts with renal failure?
ace-inhibitors and thiazides
which drugs cause hyperlipidemia?
thiazide/loop/alpha-2 agonists,beta blockers without ISA
what drugs cause orthostatic hypotension
thiazide, loop, alpha/beta antagonists/alpha 2 agonists
which drugs can be taken w/o regards to meals
thiazide/loop and spirinolactone
which drugs should be taken with regards to meals
what are the DI for potassium sparing
digitalis and NSAIDS
what are the DI's for Loop diuretics
amino, digitalis, lithium
what are the indications for looops
hypertension, pulmonary edema, CHF, Hypercalcemia, GFR is less than 30-40 mL/min
what are the indications for Beta blockers
bp, angina, MI, HF, abnormal rhythms, prevent migrains
what are the DI's for Beta blockers
decongestants, verapamil/dilitazem (increase in hypotension and decrease in HR), hypoglycemia
what are indications for Ace inhibitors
blood pressure, HF, MI
what are the DI's for ace inhibitors
NSAIDS and K-preps
what are the indications for ace-inhibitors
decreased risk of end stage renal disease in diabetic pts and works well w/HCTX and increased risk of developing infection, bilateral renal stenosis.
what causes severe HF
CNS effects
Beta and alpha blockers
calcium/alpha 1 blockers
alpha 1 blockers
what else causes CNS effects
potassium sparing
what causes hypertensive emergencies