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Fraction line
The horizontal line separating the numerator of a fraction: the division symbol.
Improper fraction
A fraction with a numerator equal to or lager than its denominators divides evenly
The top term of a fraction or the number being divided.
Two numbers that give a product of 1 when multiplied by each other, 7/8 and 8/7 are reciprocals.
mixed number
A number composed of both a whole number and a fraction.
terminating decimal
The quotient of a division of a fraction that comes out even, with no remainder.
The original or entire amount in a percentage problem.
GCD (Greatest common divisor)
Greatest or largest number that will divide into a group of two or more numbers.
A portion of the base in a percentage problem.
least common denominator (LCD)
The least or smallest number into which each two or more denominators divides evenly.
nonterminating (or repeating) decimal
The quotient of a division that does not come out even, no matter how many decimal places it is carried to.
A percent that indicates how the base and percentage are related; the percent or decimal or fractional equivalent of the percent that is charged or earned for the use of money.
proper fraction
A fraction with a numerator smaller than its denominator.
prime number
A whole number larger than 1 that is divisible only by itself and 1.
lowest terms
A fraction is in lowest terms if the numerator and denominator cannot be divided evenly by any number except one.
A hundredth of a whole amount; a fraction with a denominator of 100; percent means per hundred.