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Metabolic acidosis can occur during the ___ stage of a burn injury.
Complications of burns:
Respiratory distress
Hypovolemic shock
Upper airway obstruction
Laryngeal edema
Burn patients are prone to Curling's ulcers (stress ulcers)
___ is the choice pain medication for burn patients.
morphine sulfate
Adults ___
Adolescent ___
Infants/children ___
Adults: 30-50ml/hr
Adolescent: 0.5ml/kg
Infants: 1-2ml/kg
Assess S/S of sepsis:
Change in LOC
Fever, tachycardia, tachypnea
Abdominal distention
Paralytic ileus
Partial thickness burns are exposed to air where they dry in 48-72 hrs., become encrusted and heal in 3 weeks
Hydrotherapy or debridement is used to loosen eschar on full thickness burns
For occlusive dressings you want to monitor ___ and ___.
circulation, VS
3 topical medications for burns?
-Silver Sufadiazine (Silvadene)
-Silver Nitrate
-Dakin’s Solution
This topical medication has a strong chlorine odor.
Dakin's Solution
This topical medication discolors wounds, tissue, and clothing.
silver nitrate
10% of this topical medication is absorbed systemically which results in crystalluria.
Silver Sufadiazine Silvadene)
This topical medication decreases WBC X 24-48 hrs after application
Silver Sufadiazine Silvadene)