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under the
an liathróid
the ball
faoin gcathaoir
under the chair
faoin drisiúr
under the dresser
faoin mbord
under the table
an leanbh
the child
faoin stól
under the stool
faoin gcófra
under the press
faoin staighre
under the stairs
d'fhág sé
he left
yonder, over there
cúpla nóiméad ó shin
a couple of minutes ago
in aon áit
in any place
Nach bhfuil an cat bán faoin mbord?
Isn't the white cat under the table?
Ar fhág tú na bróga faoin gcathaoir?
Did you leave the boots under the chair?
Chuir sé an litir isteach faoin doras.
He put the letter in under the door.
An ndeachaigh an madra isteach faoin staighre?
Did the dog go in under the stairs.
Bhí trí phingin faoin mbord sa halla.
There were three pennies under the table in the hall.