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Dental Infection COntrol Program
Mangement of Infectious Waste
Purpose of BUMEDINST 6600.10A
to clarify conflicting terminolgy between the basic instruction and BUMEDINST 6280.1A / Mangement of Infectious Waste
BUMEDINST 6600.1A chapter title on bib
Universal Precautions
Approx what % of patients with HIV or HBV show no symptoms?
Dental personnel providing patient care must receive what vaccine(s)?
Both HBV vaccines
Active Duty healthcare providers must get what blood test annually?
Washing increases the porosity of gloves by what %?
On-site laundering facilities must follow who's guidelines?
Central Sterilization Room
Dental Treatment Room
Flush each waterline for how long?
at least 1 minute
Potable water supplies may contain up to how many CFU's?
100 CFUs per millimeter
Water in dental units may contain how many CFUs?
1 million CFUs per milimeter
Colony Forming Unit
What do you do with the handpiece after each patient?
remove handpiece, lubricate and run for 30 seconds. Disinfect if not sterilizable.
What type of handpieces should be used whenever possible?
Autoclavable handpieces
Dental procedures usually generate aerosol aprticles of what size?
1.3 microns
When inhaled, what size microns go strraight to the bronchioles or alveoli?
5 microns
What should a patient do right before treatment?
brush teeth and rinse with a mouth wash
3 ten second mouth washes temporarily reduce a patient's microbial count by up to what percent?
Do what to all instruments that can withstand heat sterilization?
Recap dirty needles??
Only if patient needs second anesthetic shot
What technique is used to recap a needle?
scoop technique
How do you clean a nonautoclavable handpiece?
submerge 2 guaze sponges per handpiece in EPA disinfectant. Wipe piece with first gauze, wrap in 2nd.
How long is 2nd gauze left on the handpiece?
tiem specified by manufacturer
Specs for on-site laundering
at least 25 minutes, water temp at 70 c or 160 f
must be launderable and not used more than 1 day / can be used as long as laudnered
floors should be cleaned with...
EPA disinfectant or detergent with sodium hypochlorite 1:100 dilution
Infectious waste is now called
Regulated waste
Mangement of Infectious Waste
BUMEDINST 6280.1A defines what
proper record keeping for documentation purposes
What is the final authority for infectious waste purposes?
BUMEDINST 6280.1A, Mangement of Infectios Waste