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BUMEDINST 6010.13 is ?
The Quality Assurance Program
The QA program was originally issued when ?
BUMEDINST 6010.13 applies to whom ?
All health care personnel providing service in Naval MTFs and DTFs
Are both fixed and nonfixed MTF and DTF required to have a QA program ?
Fixed MTFs and DTFs must gain and maintain accreditation by who?
Joint Commission, ( JCAHO )
Routine QA program related documentation must be maintained for how long before disposal ?
Five years
QA inquiries and medical records related to a potentially compensable event (PCE) or investigation must be kept for a minimum of ?
Two years
ECOMS stands for ?
Exective Committee of the Medical Staff
ECODS stands for ?
Exective Committee of the Dental Staff
Inpatients fixed MTFs must have what committees ?
-QA Committee
-Safety Committee
-Infection Control Committee
Fixed ambulatory care medical facilities must have which committees ?
-QA Committees
Nonfixed medical facilities must have which committee ?
What committee is required for both fixed and nonfixed dental facilities ?
Who provides guidance for Navy wide QA program implementation ?
Chief, BUMED
Who is required to submit an annual QA program summary report ?
FLTCINCS stands for what ?
Fleet Commander in Chief
TYCOM stands for what ?
Type Commander
Who provides technical support and assistance for QA related issues to medical and dental activities ?
Officer in Charge of Naval Healthcare Support Office
Who is charged with implementing an effective QA program guided by a written plan?
CO's, OIC's, and Senior Medical and Dental Department Representatives of treatment facilities
How many educational workshop are conducted each year for medical department personnel on the QA program ?
Who holds educational workshop for medical department personnel each year ?
Naval School of Health Science, Bethesda, MD
MTFs and DTFs must forward an annual assessment of the preceding fiscal year's QA program by when ?
15 January