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Who distributes the BUMEDINST 10110.6?
Who exercises DOD responsibility for Nutritional Standards and Education?
The Surgeon General, Unites States Army
Who will discourage the use of unproven nutritional remedies, body building drugs, fad diets and supplements?
The Surgeons General of the Army, Navy, and Air Force
Who will establish policy to ensure that adjustments to planned menus will meet nutritional standards?
The Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (DCSLOG), USA
Who estalishes and implements mechanisms to ensure menus meet nutritional standards?
The Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command, United States Navy ( USN)
Where are the curent Military Dietary Reference Intakes (MDRIs) are adapted from?
FNB's REcommended Dietarty Allowances, tenth revised edition, 1989
TRUE OR FALSE: The MDRI's do not reflect the nutritional needs of pregnant or lactacting military women nor of those individuals requiring medical nutrition therapy for conditions such as illness,injury, infection, chronic disease, and trauma. These individuals require assessment of nutritional needs by qualifed medical professionals.
What should serve as models to help military members, family members, and DOD employees meet recommended nutritional guidelines?
The DOD installation and hospital dining facilites
The MDRIs will be met, when averages, over a _____ to ____ day period.
5 to 10
For how many days can the MRE be consumed as the sole ration?
What are the body size reference measures for weight and height of male military members?
174 pounds (79 kilograms (kg) and 69 inches (175 centimeters(cm)
What are the body size reference measures for weight and height of femalae military members?
136 pounds (62kg) and 64 inches (163 cm)
Even mildly cold temperatures (32 to 57 degrees F) can increase energy requirements by how much?
5 to 10 percent
For temperatures i the 86 to 104 degree F range, energy requirements may increase by how much?
2.5 to 10 percent
Energy requirements of individuals performing extremely strenous work in high-mountatin ares may reach _______ to _______ calories a day?
6,000 to 7,0000
How much percent of total calories consumed should come from foods and beverages with carbohydrate sources?
50 to 55 percent
What two nutrients do not have an established recommended dietary allowance (RDA) or Dietary Refeence Intake (DRI) but has an approved Military Dietary Reference Intake (MDRI) established?
Sodium & Potassium
The General Purpose Improved (GP1) ration containes how many calories?
No adjustment to energy requirements appears to be necessary for enviornmental temperatures between how many degrees Fahrenheit?
Each meal served in a military dining facility should contain appproximately how many calories
During periods of light to moderate activity in a temperate climate, an intake of how much fluid per 1,000 calories expended is considered reasonable?
1 Quart
What is the beverage of choice for preventing dehydration?
Plain Cool Water & Flavored Cool Water
Large amounts of what type of fat are found in meat and dairy products and some vegtables?
Saturated Fats
Eating large amounts of this type of fat raises blood colesterol levels in many individuals.
Saturated Fats
During the first few days of exposure to high altitude, the recommended daily supplement of beverage is 2-3 quarts with how many carbohydrates per quart to minimize hypohydration and altitude sickness?
50 to 100 g
What term is given to the unit that describes the amount of energy released by foods?
When soduim replacement is requied, how should it be provided?
Food / Beverage
In military dining facilities serving populations with high energy trainees, a menue containing how many caolories per meal will be offered?
600- 700