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Who will review the MDRI's with each DRI update published and make necesary changes to this regulation?
The Surgeon General(TSG), Department of the Army (DA)
TSG and DA
The ____ are intended for use by personnel involved in menu development, menu elvaluation, nutrition education, nutrition research, and food research and development?
The MRDI's
The current MDRI's are adapted from?
FNB's recommended Dietary Allowances.
What are quantitative estimates of nutrient intakes to be used for planning and assessing diets for the healthy military population?
Do the MDRI's reflect the nutritional needs of pregnant or lactating military women, individuals requiring medical nutrition therapy for conditions such as illness, injury, infection, chronic disease or trauman?
When military members operate in protective clothing for prolonged periods of time do they have special nutrition requirements?
Yes, they must consult with TSG of the appropriate services.
Do all nutrients have an established recommended dietary allowance or DRI?
Usually no ____ is established if there is no RDA or DRI for a given vutrient.
MDRI. Exceptions are approved by TSG and DA.
What are two approved exceptions of this rule?
Potassium and Sodium
K and Na
Who should serve as models to help military members, family members and DOD employees meet recommended nutritional guidelines?
The DOD installation and hospital dining facilities.
What will incorporate principles of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid?
The menu design
The MDRI's will be met, when averaged, over what time period?
5 to 10 day period
What is the most recent released standard reference that will be used as the standard reference for nutrient composition?
United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.
Energy allowances represent the average energy needs among whom?
Individuals at various activity levels.
What is designed to maintain desirable body weights for healthy military members under varying levels of physical activity in a temperate environment?
Energy allowances
What is designed for military personnel in a wide variety of operations, in widely varied settings, for limited time periods?
Operational and restricted rations.
What provides the entire diet for military personnel during sustained operations?
Operational rations.
What does NSORs stand for?
Nutritional standards for operational and restricted rations
What is designed to support the special nutritional requirements for various actual or simulated combat situations?
Who will use these standards in the development, procurement, and evaluation of operational and restricted rations?
Personnel involved in Operational Ration development
What do the terms MRE, T-ration, Utilized B-ration and Unitized Group Rations UGR-A and UGR-H&S stand for?
Names of operational rations
H&S means heat and serve
Total calories from fat should not exceed what percent of calories for these rations?
The MRE may be consumed as the sole ration for up to how many days?
21 days then you add the mix of rations including UGR-A and UGR-H&S
Why was the policy for the 21 day MRE then adding the mix of rations created?
For soliders consuming MRE's for 30days while in the field.
When the MRE is the sole ration units will provide supplements and enhancements such as?
Bread, Milk, and fresh fruit whenever feasible.
Do they make rations for extreme environments or situations?