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Rules promulgated by agencies, boards, commissions that are charged with regulating an industry or area.
Administrative Rules
That system of law found in most continental European countries, based upon civil codes.
Civil Law
The body of law derived from judicial decisions and opinions, rather than from statutes or constitutions.
Common Law System
The law that involves offenses against the entire community.
Criminal Law
A system that was developed to provide remedies where money damages were inadequate. Equitable remedies include injunctions and specific performance.
Legislation issued by the President or a governor.
Executive Order
The background and events leading to the enactment of a statute, including committee reports, hearings, and floor debates. Usually recorded so it can later be used to aid in interpreting the statute.
Legislative History
A statute or regulation, especially one enacted by a city government--a zoning ordinance, for example.
In statutory interpretation, the premise that words with an ordinary, everyday significance will be so interpreted, unless there is some apparent reason not to.
Plain-meaning Rule
The law involving relationships among individuals and legal entities.
Private Law
Rules for enforcing substantive law.
Procedural Law
The law dealing with the relationship between government and individuals.
Public Law
The common law principle which requires judges to follow the precedents set by previously decided cases.
Stare Decisis
A law enacted by a legislative body.
The part of the law that creates, defines, and regulates the rights, duties, and powers of parties.
Substantive Law