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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990
a civil rights act for the disabled in 2 parts: employees & access
areas between columns
Building code
regulations enacted at all potential governmental levels to control the kinds & quality of buildings for construction & occupancy
Building description
factual data concerning the functionality, market and physical aspects of improvements
simultaneous production of electrical energy & low-grade heat from the same fuel
Deferred maintenance items
items in need of immediate repair; items if repaired will as as much value to the property as the cost to repair
Economic life
the length of time improvements contribute value to the site as opposed to the length they could physically be used
Equipment & mechanical systems
2 types, those that consume energy & those that consume little energy; includes fixtures, plumbing, HVAC, electrical & specialized
Exterior description
data concerning the outside of buildings
the outside look & materials of a building
Floating foundation
mat & raft foundations (heavily reinforced concrete slabs), used on soils with low load-bearing capacity
support parts of foundations, commonly reinforced concrete resting on stable soil
the part of the superstructure that supports the roof and provides the skeleton for walls
Gross building area (GBA)
total floor area, measured from exterior, excluding unenclosed areas
Gross leasable area (GLA)
used for retail; total area for occupancy & use, includes basements & mezzanines, measured from outside of exterior walls & middle of adjoining walls
Gross living area (GLA)
total above-grade space
Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system (HVAC)
part of the equipment & mechanical systems of a building
Immediate repair items
those items that should be repaired as of the date of the appraisal
core of development (common source of utilities & support) in a group of buildings/complex
material used for energy conservation &/or noise barrier
Interior description
data concerning the inside of a building
Internal supports
framing or columns in the interior of the building that assists in supporting the roof or an upper floor
horizontal framing members in a ceiling
Long-lived items
those items that tend to last the full economic life of a building
loss in value due to something other than physical wear & tear (functional or external)
Platform construction
building an upper floor on top of a lower floor; the studs are the length of each floor
Post & beam framing
beams (horizontal members) are supported by beams (vertical members) spaced apart
Process-related equipment
air hoses, process piping, industrial wiring, bus ducts, freezer equipment, etc.
metal horizontal member (joists) of commercial building roof
Quality & condition survey
survey of building components for wear & tear and quality compared to similar building types
the ability of material to insulate (resist heat flow) as measured in BTUs
Remaining economic life
the length of time that a building should last from the date of the appraisal
Short-lived items
those items that tend to be replaced before the end of the remaining economic life of a building
Solar heating
using the sun's energy to heat
a piece of wood placed next to other members designed to displace weight
vertical framing members
entire foundational structure which is below grade or ground
portion of building above grade
Use classification
the category of use; residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, special purpose
increasing outside air flow to prevent condensation, to cool, to faciliate plumbing, or to expel odors or debris
Zone control
partitioning a building & controlling HVAC within portions of thebuilding instead of the whole