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Convention is
the transfer of heat by the movement of fluids/gases, usually in an upward direction.
T/F A structural member can be combustible and also have fire resistive rating
T/F a type 1 constructed building must have roof assemblies w/ a rating of 1-2 hrs
Which of these construction types will react to fire the least?
Type 1 construction
T/F the Americans w/ disabilities act was signed into law in 1980?
When dealing with exposures, which form of heat transfer would you need to worry about MOST?
Heat radiation
Which of the following is not considered one of the five major construction types?
Fire resistive, noncombustible, masonry/ordinary, heavy timber, wood frame
T/F Type IV construction allows the exterior walls to be made of masonry
There is how many Model-building codes in the U.S.?
T/F Dynamic loads are loads that are steady or applied gradually
T/F fire load and structural load are the same thing.
T/F Earthquake forces are also known as Rector Forces based on Earthquake being given a number on the rector scale.
T/F “Communication of Fire” is a term used by arson investigators when they look at a building that has burned and they can tell how the fire spread from the indicators left behind by the fire.
What are the model building codes in the U.S.?
Uniform building code, standard building code, BOCA national fire prevention building code
T/F soil pressure is not a concern of firefighters
Snow on the roof of a building in the winter time in Denver Co, would be considered what type of load?
Live load
T/F for a building to be classified as type 2 construction the entire building must be constructed of masonry.
T/F for a building to be classified as type 2 construction the entire building must be constructed of masonry.
T/F The initials UFC stands for “Uniform Fire Code”
T/F Air has mass
What would have more tensile strength nail or screw
what load exerts a force through the weight of the building
Which application of load has the most uniform distribution of force on a structural member and would be the most stable?
Gravity load
he impact effect of the wind on a surface is
Direct pressure
56. Shoring refers to a process of strengthening an existing foundation that’s temporary
strengthening an existing foundation that’s temporary
The expansion of excess moisture in concrete when it either is heated or freezes is known as? Spalling
a wall... is a continuous strip of concrete that supports a wall and is normally wider at the bottom
A wall footing
What is used to fire treat lumber:
ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium polyphosphate, boric acid, zinc chloride, sodium dichromate.
Laminated class is what?
2 layers of glass w/ a vinyl layer bounded into the center
Wood is a commonly used building material because..?
It’s cheap and strong
Piles are?
Pounded into the ground or drilled
Concrete has good strength in…
Two methods to reinforce concrete are?
Rebar & form work
What is the name of the test used to check the moisture content in concrete?
Slump test
T/F Age of a building can be an indicator if a building susceptible to a floor collapse
To facilitate maintenance of equipment above a ceiling, a space high enough to stand up and walk in may be provided. This space is known as..
raised access flooring
What term is used on wood frame type V constructed buildings that has an exterior brick facing?
veneer masonry
T/F The heat sink effect cannot generate enough head to re-ignite the fire
T/F the more carbon in steel the harder the material
most common structural steel used
T/F There is no such thing as a floating foundation
T/F Floating foundations ride on a “blanket” of air pumped underneath the structure to support its weight.
which of these types of concrete work is made before hand and transported to the site from a concrete.
Pre-site concrete
T/F The floor between levels in structure (the floor/ceiling above your head) could be made out of concrete
T/F floors have fire ratings just like walls and roofs
T/F Older brick buildings may have thicker walls at the base (1st floor) than at higher stories
T/F footing of different sizes are a common cause of uniform settling
T/F Plastic is used to make some types of glass will cause the glass to melt and burn during a fire and is considered a very unsafe type of glass to fire fighters.
T/F Ductility is a term used to talk about the conductivity of glass during a fire
Configuration of a building refers to its general
shape or layout
How many construction classes are there?
The density of a structural component will effect its fire resistance (T/F)
The density of a structural component will effect its fire resistance (T/F)
A change in the building occupancy has no effect on its protective system (T/F)
Ordinary construction is also know as
masonry type3
This is considered the first line of defense when a building is on fire
sprinkler system
A building that is classified noncombustible is also fire resistive (T/F)
Fire resistive building components are given a rating based on the amount of minutes they’ll hold up to a fire at a given temp. T/F
The pressure exerted by the soil against the foundation is known as
active soil
A(n) in area of refuge is protected are for those people
who cannot use the stairs and where they can remain temporarily during an emergency
Soil pressure decreases as you go deeper below the ground level (T/F)
UBC is
Uniform building code
A load that is a fixed or permanent part of building is?
Dead load
Generally type I construction must have bearing walls, beams, and columns with a minimum fire resistance rating of…
3 to 4 hrs
Type V construction permits concealed spaces between structural members (T/F)
What are examples of a live load.
Anything that is not attached to the property
Solid members, laminated members, panels, manufactured components are types of what?
Foundation walls are made of.
Concrete, stone, brick, concrete block
What is classified as different types of masonry?Veneer masonry Dry set masonry Solid masonry
Veneer masonry Dry set masonry Solid masonry
two categories in which foundations are classified
Shallow and deep are
The process of permanently strengthening an existing foundation is known as
Structures that make use of fabrics as part of their enclosing surfaces are known as
membrane structures
Fire cut beams are designed to…
desingned to break so the walls dont fall down
Concreted cures and reaches its structural strength in
28 days
The heat sink effect cannot generate enough heat to reignite fire (T/F)
mbrane structures are the same thing as surface systems
surface systems
Differential setting of a structure means that the structure settles uniformly (T/F)
Buildings can be built on stone foundation (T/F)?
Trusses utilize which geometric shape a bunch of triangles
a bunch of triangles
Raised floors can be encountered in some schools and areas with computer equipment (T/F)
Interstitial ceiling space is another term for glass ceilings because you can look outside (T/F)