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Identify acronym: ASIC
Application Specific Integrated Circuit
What is the term for a specialized hardware component that is able to reach throughput at wire speed without any performance degradation for various advanced features?
Identify acronym: TCAM
Ternary Content Addressable Memory
What is the term for specialized memory used by ASICs to acheive higher performance?
What is the difference between hardware-switching and software-switching?
Hardware-switching is done with ASICs that are specialized to perform switching a wire speeds without any performance degradation. Software-switching is done in the CPU and is accelerated only by using higher processing rates.
What OSI layer is Content-Intelligence on routers and switches?
Layer 7
What OSI layer contains Server Load Balancing (SLB)?
Layer 4
What OSI layer contains switches and routers?
Layer 3
What OSI layer contains switches and hubs?
Layer 2
What OSI layer contains repeaters?
Layer 1
Which layer of switching limits devices to a single broadcast domain?
Layer 2 Switching
Layer 2 switching strictly focuses on which layer that is only capable of switching packets based on MAC addresses?
Data Link Layer (DLL)
Which layer of switching is based on protocol sessions?
Layer 4 Switching
What capabilities are required for layer 4 switches to achieve a high level of performance?
What feature does layer 7 switching imply?