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6. How do you touch a bubble without breaking it?
Bubbly hands
14. What shapes are bubbles on a flat surface?
domes-geometric shapes
15. What do you call a person who studies bubbles?
a bubbleologist
18. Use the word bubble in a sentence.
varied answers
1. What is inside a bubble?
2. What colors are seen in a bubble?
red, blue, green, purple, yellow, white, black
3. What shape is a bubble blown from a wand?
round circular
17. How many syllables are in the word bubble?
4. What makes a bubble move?
air currents
5. Are all bubbles the same size? Why?
No, depends on the size of the wand
10. How soes a bubble feel?
varied answers
How do bubbles taste?
varied answers
13. When is the "perfect" time to blow bubbles
after it rains
9. What does it mean when a bubble is "black"?
12. Name a word that rhymes with bubble.
varied answers
11. Do bubbles have tails? Where?
yes, water drops at bootom of a bubble
7. Name two ingredients in a bubble solution.
varied answers
16. Name a place where bubbles can be found.
varied answers