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attachs: zygomatic and mandible
-elevates mandible
attach: temporal and mandible
-elevates mandible
attach: sphenoid and mandible
-elevates/ protracts mandible
attach: occipital bone/ cervical and thoracic verterae and scapula/clavicle
-elevates/ adducts scapula
serratus anterior
attach: upper ribs and scapula
-protracts and abducts scapula
levator scapula
attach: cervical vertebrae and scapula
-stabilize and elevates scapula
attach: cervial/throacic vertebrae and scapula
-stabilize, elevates and retracts scapula
pectoralis major
clavicle/sternum/ribs and humerus
-flex, adducts and medial rotate humerus
latissimus dorsi
thoracic vertebrae/pelvis and humerus
-adducts, extends and medial rotates humerus
clavicle/ scapula and humerus
-abducts/flex/extend, medial and lateral rotation of humerus
scapula and humerus
-medially rotate humerus
scapula and humerus
-abducts humerus
scapula and humerus
-extends and laterally rotates humerus
teres minor
scapula and humerus
-adducts and laterally rotates humerus
biceps brachii
scapula and radius
-flex humerus and elbow
triceps brachii
scapula and unla
-extend humerus and elbow
flexors of forearm
medial humerus and carpals/fingers
-flex wrist and fingers
extensors of forearm
lateral humerus and carpals/fingers
-extend wrist and fingers
rectus abdominis
pubis and xiphoid process, lower ribs
-flex vertebral column, increase ab pressure
external oblique
lower ribs and xiphoid process, linea alba
-flex ab, flex and rotates trunk
internal oblique
ing lig, iliac crest, thoracoumbar fascia and xiphoid process, linea alba lower ribs
-same as external oblique
transverse abdominis
ing lig, iliac crest, thoracolumbar fascia, lower ribs and xiphoid, linea alba, pubis
-compress ab, increase ab pressure, flex vertebral column
psoas (iliopsoas)
lumbar vertebrae and femur
-flex trunk and flex femur
tensor fascia lata
ilium and tibia via IT band
-flex, abduct and medially rotates femur
gluteal muscles (group)
ilium and femur
-extend and abduct femur
sacrum and femur
-abduct and laterally rotate femur
adductors (group)
pubis and femur
-adducts femur
quadriceps rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, medialis, intermedius
pelvis/femur and tibia via patella tendon
-flex femur and extend knee
hamstrings bioeps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus
ischium and tibia/fibula
-extend femur and flex knee
tibialis anterior
tibia and medial foot
-dorsiflex ankle and invert foot
femur and heel via achilles tendon
-plantar flex ankle and flex knee