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Product decision
The selection, definition and design of products.
Product-by-value analysis
A listing of products in descending order of their individual dollar contribution to the firm, as well as the total annual dollar contribution of the product.
A team technique to generate creative ideas on a particular subject.
Quality function deployment
A process for determining customer requirements ("wants")and translating them into the attributes ("hows") that each functional area can understand and act on.
House of quality
A part of the quality function deployment process that utilizes of planning matrix to relate customer "wants" to "how" the firm is going to meet them
Product development teams
Teams charged with moving from market requirements for a product to achieving product success.
Concurrent engineering
Use of participating teams in design and engineering activities.
Manufacturability and value engineering
Activities that help improve a product's design, production, maintainability and use.
Robust design
A design that can be produced to requirements even with unfavorable conditions in the production process.
Modular design
Parts or components of a product are subdivided into modules that are easily interchanged or replaced.