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Jim buys shirts cost $150 a piece. He decides to sell them for $75 a piece at a yardsale. They are sold to Sally. Bloomingdales goes to sally and asks for them back because they were originally purchased on an account that was closed three years ago. Can Bloomingdales get them back?
No. Under 2-403 they were bought by a good faith purchaser. It is a voidable title.
Jim decided to steal the shirts Bloomingdales goes to his house to get them back but he has already sold them to Tim. Bloomingdales goes to Tims house and says they are stollen and they want them back. Can bloomingdales get them back?
Under 2-403 yes they can get them back. This is a void title. Involuntarily transfered possession of the goods.
Kristen gives Zales her ring to reset. Zales finishes it and puts it in the case. Tina comes in and askes to buy the ring zales sells it. Kristen wants to sue
Entrusting possession of Goods.

Buyer in an ordinary course of business. Can't get ring back. Entrusted possession of goods.
Shipping Contract
Risk of lose passes to buyer once the seller delivers the goods to the carrier.

FOB city of shipment
Destination Contract
Risk of loss passes to buyer at destination. When the goods are tendered to the buyer. FOB City of Destination
FOB MIAMI Shipping contract. Driver hijacked. By accident wrong widgets were placed on the truck.
2-510 Risk of Loss With Breach
-Widgets could have been rejected because they were a breach of contract.