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Name six uses for psychological testing.
1. Diagnosis of pathology
2. Assessment of personality traits
3. Measurement of brain functions
4. Treatment planning
5. Evaluation of achievement
6. Prediction
What is a face validity type of question? Why is it not always useful?
1. One that asks the person straight-up. "Are you depressed?"
2. The person can be lying
What is construct validity?
It tests whether or not the test is actually testing what it claims to be testing.
What is concurrent validity?
A test correlates well with a measure that has previously been validated.
What is predictive validity?
Whether or not a test acurrately predicts what it is supposed to predict.
What is test-retest reliability?
Whether or not you can produce the same results upon multiple retests.
What is split-half reliability?
If you divide the test items in two, does it give the same results.
What is alternate form reliability?
Do two different tests on the same material give you the same results.
What is internal consistency reliability?
Whether or not the test itself is perfect or not.
What is interscorer reliabiliy?
Do multiple interpreters give the same results from the same data?
Why are normative results important in testing?
Have to have a sense of how the individual compares to the group as a whole.
What are some things that can relate to the variable of interest?
Education, gender, language ect.
What are seven different examples of cognitive functions?
1. General Intelligence
2. Attention and orientation
3. Memory
4. Processing speed
5. Spatial problem solving
6. Language
7. Executive function
Name two general intelligence tests.
1. Stanford-Binet
2. WAIS-3
Name four memory tests.
4. WMS-3
Name two language tests.
2. Boston Naming
Name two Executive Function tests.
2. Categories
Name two Processing Speed tests.
1. Digit Symbol
2. Symbol Search
Name two Perceptual-Spatial tests.
What are two broad uses of cognitive testing?
1. Diagnosis
2. Intervention placing
What are five categories of personality testing?
1. Aptitude/Interest
2. Personality (style, pathology)
3. Structured Interviews
4. Symptom Inventories
5. These tests can help determine what you want to be when you grow up and what you like/don’t like doing.
What is an example of on Aptitude/Interest test?