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Which multicast address does RIPv2 use for its updates?
Does VLSM support IPv6?
Which EIGRP table is similar to OSPF’s Link State Adjacency table?
Neighbor table
What are the three ‘reliable packets’ in EIGRP?
reply, query and update.
How often does EIGRP send hello packets on high bandwidth links?
Every 5 seconds
How often does EIGRP send hello packets on low bandwidth links?
Every 60 seconds
True or False
Discontiguous subnets are supported by EIGRP?
What causes a router to become stuck in active mode?
The neighboring router's reply packets are not received.

This could be caused by a router with high cpu or memory utilization.
Which EIGRP packets are considered unreliable packets since they do not require explicit acknowledgements?
Hello and Ack
Is it possible for two routers to become EIGRP neighbors even though the hello and hold timers don't match?
What do the private NSAP addresses have an AFI begin with?
39, 45, and 47
Which two types of IS-IS routers provide intra-area routing?
L1 IS and L1/L2 IS routers provide intra-area routing services.
What must an administrator connect each IS-IS area to?
A Level 2 backbone.
what area number is assigned to an
IS-IS backbone.
There is no backbone area number.IS-IS backbone routers can reside in any area. There merely must be an
unbroken chain of Level 2 or Level 1/2 routers in order for the backbone to function.
You have just purchased a Cisco router, and have configured the outgoing interface with IS-IS. What
metric does that interface use?
The default metric used on Cisco IOS for IS-IS is the default (cost) metric and not delay.
What are the two IS-IS databases?
Link-State and Forwarding
What is the default hello and hold down timer for IS-IS?
10 seconds for Hello
30 Seconds for Hold down
What is the command to view the Level 1 and 2 routes in IS-IS?
show clns route
What is the command to show level 1 routes in IS-IS?
show isis route
Enter the command to enable IS-IS on an interface
ip router isis
Enter the command to enable IS-IS on a router
router isis
How do you change an IS-IS router from the default L1/L2?
How do you change a single interface on an IS-IS router to a particular L type?
(config-if)isis circuit-type [level-1|level-1-2|level-2-only]
In which mode on a router do you configure the IS-IS metric
In interface mode

(config-if)isis metric
What command is used to summarize in IS-IS?
What two modes does IS-IS run in?
Point-to-Point and Broadcast
Which EIGRP table contains the feasible successor?
Topology Table
How often are hello packets sent out on a slow WAN link?
30 seconds
This is how far the router believes the destination to be?
Feasible distance
This is how far a router's neighbor thinks that the destination is for the router
Advertised distance
What are the default K-values in EIGRP?
K1=1, K2=0, K3=1, K4=0, k5=0
K1=bandwidth, K3=delay
Does EIGRP use split horizon?
What is the default hello and hold time of EIGRP?
5 seconds for hello
15 seconds for hold time
What is the default hold time on an EIGRP slow link
180 seconds
What would the command be to set the EIGRP bandwidth to use 100%
ip bandwidth-percent eigrp 1 200
What is the protocol ID for EIGRP and OSPF
88 and 89
describe what an OSPF Router is doing in the init state?
It is awaiting a reply after it sends out its hello
What happens during the two-way state?
Once the router sees its own router ID in the list of neighbors, a neighbor relationship has been established and the router enters this state.
What are the four stages a router goes through when exchanging info with a neighbor?
What happens during the exstart state?
This is when the DR is elected
What happens during the exchange state?
the DR sends out DDP's (database desc packets)
Describe the loading state?
A router is awaiting the LSU's from its neighbors after having issued an LSR for more info.
All neighborsa are fully adjacent and databases are synchronized during this OSPF state
How many routers per OSPF area does Cisco recommend?
What does an O E2 in a routing table indicate?
This is a router advertised by way of an external LSA
What are the Well Known, mandatory BGP attributes?
origin, as-path, next hop
What are the well known, discretionary BGP attributes?
local preference
atomic aggregate
What are the optional transitive (partial) BGP attributes?
What are the optional, non-transitive BGP attributes?
MED (multi exit discriminator)
What BGP type is AS-Path?
Type 2
What BGP type is Next hop?
Type 3
What BGP type is origin
Type 1
What is a Type 4 attribute?
What is a Type 5 attribute?
local preference
What is a Type 6 attribute?
atomic aggregate
What is a Type 7 attribute?
What is a Type 8 attribute?