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How is adolescence fluid?
Its duration can change in response to society’s demands. Increased during the Depression because there were not enough jobs for the adults. Decreased during war time because the army needed more soldiers.
Describe how Tanner’s stages of secondary sexual characteristic development vary and are the same for boys and girls.
Stages one and five are the same for genital/breast development (prepubertal and maturation). All of the phases of pubic hair development are the same.
How does time of maturity affect girls and boys differently?
Boys are complimented for maturing early and discouraged for maturing late. Girls that are not on time get screwed (too much attention v. being ignored).
Formal operations involve increased __ __, __, and __. What else develops during this time?
Increased intelligent activity, awareness, and insight.
Puberty = ?
Physical changes that occur during adolescence.
Formal operations and abstract thinking begin during this sub-phase of adolescence.
Good abstract thinking and relationships become more serious during this sub-phase of adolescence.
Late adolescence.
What are the three major tasks of adolescence?
Development of identity, development of independence, and development of the capacity to form adult relationships.
How does an adolescent search for his/her own identity?
Experimenting with different styles and heroes.
In the development of __, the teen redefines his/her relationship with parents in order to separate from them.
Development of independence.
These are the defenses used by adolescents during the development of independence.
Reversal of affection, displacement, and narcissism.
How is the development of a relationship event of adolescence resolved?
The adolescent engages in a fully integrated, loving sexual relationship.
Which of Erikson’s life cycle stages is the key issue of adolescence?
Identity v. role diffusion.
How is asynchronous development dangerous to adolescents?
The desire for acceptance develops before the ability to make good decisions, leading the teen to do something potentially harmful in exchange for peer acceptance.
What is one very dangerous way that girls could resolve the three tasks of adolescence?
Teen pregnancy - develops identity, independence, and an adult love relationship (slightly altered because relationship is with the child).
__ is the most common drug of abuse by teenagers. How do they abuse it?
Alcohol. Binge drinking.
What are three arguments in favor of lowering the legal drinking age?
The current age encourages clandestine binge drinking, causes ethical compromises, and is unfair because students can vote and serve in the military but not drink.
What is the physiological reason against lowering the drinking age?
Younger brains are more easily affected by alcohol.
What is the one argument for lowering the legal drinking age?
There was a decrease in drunk driving incidents.
Name the first and second most common means of teen suicide?
#1 - guns. #2 - hanging.
Which mental disorder begins to show symptoms at the end of adolescence? Which gender is affected sooner?
Schizophrenia. Males sooner than females.