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T or F:
Choleoliths are a common cause of cholistasis in older dogs.
False! These are infrequent in domestic animals (but more common in ruminants)
T or F:
Congenital gallbladder cysts are usually an incidental finding.
Numerous epithelium-lined cysts in the liver and kidneys describes which disease? What species are predisposed to this?
Congenital polycystic hepatic disease;
Cairn and Westland White terriers, Persian cats, and goats are predisposed
What are triggers for bile release?
CCK and fat
What is an intrahepatic cause to cholestasis? Extrahepatic?
Intra = hepatocyte damage;
Extra = mechanical obstruction of bile flow
Concentrated bile due to dehydration and anorexia is...
...inspecation of bile
Biliary obstruction due to _________ is more common than cholelithiasis in most domestic animals.
Inspecation of bile
While biliary adenomas are rare, they do occur in some animals. Which are these?
Young cattle, cats, dogs, and sheep
What virus causes edema and hemorrhage in the canine gallbladder?
Infectious canine hepatitis
Fibrinous cholicystitis is indicative of what infectious organism?
What is the infectious cause of Lymphocytic Cholangitis in the cat?
unknown etiology!
What organism is responsible for tomor-like lesions in rabbits that follow the bile ducts? What is the disease called?
Eimeria stediae causes hepatic coccidiosis
T or F:
Ascarid migration into the gallbladder is commonly post mortem.
If you see bubbly tissue on the gallbladder, what is the most likely genesis of the tissue?
Bile ducts!
What enzyme activates the exocrine products of the pancreas?
Most deaths due to pancreatitis are due to ___________ shock.
Cardiovascular shock
T or F:
In the dog, the pancreas should be the same width as the duodenum.
False! Pancreas should be wider!
An ectopic pancreas is an example of a(n)....
What is the clinical significance of pancreatic cysts?
Which breeds are predisposed to juvenile pancreatic atrophy?
German shepherds, beagles, rough coated collies
What are signs of juvenile pancreatic atrophy? What is the etiology?
Voluminous steatorrhea & polyphagia;
immune-mediated disease
T or F:
Acute pancreatitis is more of a necrotic than an inflammatory process.
In dogs, acute pancreatitis is a disease of _________ old __________.
Fat old bitches!
What is another name for the chalky white nodules associated with acute pancreatitis? What causes these?
Soponification caused by fat necrosis
What are some sequelae to chronic pancreatitis?
Exocrine/endocrine insufficiency
(maldigestion syndrome & d. mellitis);
also connective tissue can obstruct bile duct leading to cholangitis and liver dz.
Choose which one you'd rather have....pancreatic adenoma or pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
Adenoma all the way!
What parasite affects the pancreas of cats?
Eurytrema procyonis