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mommy eating, Billy jumping
Daddy Running
present progressive -ing
19-28 months
kitty in box, baby in bath
preposition "in"
hat on chair, kitty on table,
preposition "on"
31-34 mos.
my toys, two cups, two logs
regular plural "s"
ate, ran went drove, fell, cut, etc.
irregular past tense verbs
Jenny's car, Billy's bike, Jenny's mommy, etc
posessive "-s"
Is Trish sick? Is John here.
John is not John's.
Uncontractible copula
a dog, a chair, the dog, a boy
articles a & the
yesterday, he jumped, last night, she slipped
Regular past "-ed"
he/ she/ it walks, draws, cuts, etc.
Regular 3rd person "-s"
he has a dog, she does her work
irregular 3rd person has/ does
are you listening, is he sleeping
Uncontractible auxilary is/are
She's happy, They're friendly
contractible copula is/are
She's sleeping, they're driving
contractible auxiliary is/are