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estimate of % of people listening to a station out of all those in the market
% of people listening to show out of those currently listening
average quarter hour
estimate of % of people tuned to a station for an average quarter hour of a day, part of the day
cumulative amount of people who tune into station during the day part of the day
amplified voice which corrected bad connection, invented by Lee Deforester
when on air and talking
walking a ramp
when talk over entire intro until the artist begins singing
stop set
music stops, commericals, promo's etc
if have any more than one commercial back to back
day part
parts of day in sections divisions based on audience
designated market area, term used by Nielsen and Arbitron to indicate concentration of listeners in geographical market
breakdown of audience by sex and age
VU Meter
volume unit, registers how loud (amplitude) signal is
frequency modulation
amplitude modulation. The first system of broadcasting technology to develop
Hot Clock
pie chart showing visual representation of one hour of the stations programming; structured way of presenting music to provide balance of music played.
device that mixes multiple audio sources into a single channel
"In Band On Channel" improvement on FM radio
"Digital Audio Broadcasting" technology combines multiple audo streams onto a relatively narrow band
volume control
Toll Broadcasting
broadcasting paid for by advertisers
Public Service Announcement, runs for free, sponsored events
promotional announcement for station
Federal Radio Commission, regulated stations and frequency
Department of Commerce
made F.R.C. and gave them power
1934 F.R.C. became the Federal Communication Commission they control everything with electromagnetic energy/frequency
same program running on both FM and AM sister stations
type of music
engineering log
things that need to be fixed/what went wrong
program log
must follow, lists everything going to play in order and also holds discrepancies (things that went wrong)
does ratings, private profit. Makes $ by selling info (rating books) to radio stations
non-commercial stations
stations that are banned by the FCC to play commercial ads
compact disc on which you can write only once and there after is a read-only memory
compact disc, rewritable optical disc format; data can be written , read, erased and rewritten
single company owning two or more stations
illegal compensation, companies would pay disk jockey to play songs. Would pay with drugs and sneak around. FCC made it illegal. Now not illegal if announce
total survey area, term used by Arbitron to represent the total market area surveyed for ratings report
rate card
list or schedule of ad charges for radio station, tv station or other media outlet
unit of measurement: 1,000,000 hertz one million periods per second
unit of measurement: 1,000 hertz one thousand periods per second
National Association of Broadcasters, led the radio industry
AM band
“Medium Wave Band” all AM stations occupy a portion on this spectrum. 1991 upper portion authorized by F.C.C.
FM band
“Very High Frequencies” lower portion reserved for non-commercial radio
license renewal period
Four months before license expires, licensee files for an application for a renewal. Renewal based on: broadcaster able to serve public interest, has no serious violation of FCC regulations and has had no violations that would constitute a pattern of abuse
(with the air check) cutting out music and commercials so only a few seconds are before and after each rap
finishing the writing of a disc, every CD needs a Table of Contents in order to play CD. Unfinalized will play in CD burner and most computers but not actual CD player
Decibel, a logarithmic unit of measurement in acoustics and electronics
Sound bites lifted from movies, TV and other sources used by DJs to accentuate skits and programming
comparison between measurements and putting them together
pirate station
station that operates from sovereign territory without a broadcasting license
double billing
Illegal station billing practice in which client is charged twice
frequency discount
loyalty program offering discount on future purchases
ownership limits
restriction on how many media outlets a single entity may own
two different radio transmitters using the same frequency
adjacent channel
an AM, FM, or TV channel that is next to another channel. First-adjacent is immediately next to another channel, second-adjacent is two channels away, and so forth. Information on adjacent channels is used in keeping stations from interfering with one another
the method of AM stereo broadcasting used in Canada, the United States and most other countries. It was invented in 1977 and uses quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) to encode the stereo separation signal.