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why did the king make the colonists pay for keeping the soildiers in america?
the british would not pay.
what does tarrif mean?
a tax on goods brought into the country.
how did the french and indian war begin?
french bilt forts on the ohio river/british thought it was an attack.
what does he word parliament mean?
the part of a british goverment in wich members make laws for the british people.
what does patriot mean?
a colonist who is against british rule.
why did he colonies belive they should have self govermant?
they felt poeple in britin did not understand life in the colonies.
representation means what?
acting or speaking out on behalf of someone or something.
how were the poeple in britin treated difrently than the colonies?
they were not allowed to vote,or make thier own disissions on the colonie.
what does boycottmean?
a refusel to buy or sell goods.
what does legislator mean?
the lawmacking branch of a colony.
what does ally maen?
a friend espesily in time of war.
how did the king keep control even if the pepl did have some self govrmant?
he had to see there laws and agre with them.
what does congress mean?
a maeting of representitives.
what does minuteman mean?
a man who is ready for war in 1 minite.