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What are the three main documents from the British Government that influence governmental philosophy in the United States?
Magna Carta
English Bill of Rights
Petition of Rights
What was the purpose of the Magna Carta document?
To limit the power of the king and list the rights of nobles
What are the four main concepts drawn from the Magna Carta?
1. Government is based on the rule of law. No one is exempt from the law.
2. Government is based on a social contract or consent of the governed. the government has to respect the rights of the people.
3. Certain rights cannot be violated by the government. These include the right to a trial and freedom from random arrest.
4. Representatives and people should take part in the government. NO taxation without representation.
What was the purpose of the Petition of Rights?
To ensure the power of the king is limited
What are the four main principles of the Petition of Rights?
1. Taxation could not occur without the agreement of Parliment.
2. People could not be placed in prison without reason
3. Soldiers cannot be placed in people's homes
4. Military cannot be used in times of peace
What was the purpose of the English Bill of Rights?
to justify the Glorious Revolution by explaining the plitical and religious crimes of the king and to establish a government in which the power of the king was checked and balanced. It was not a list of all the basic rights of Englishmen althoug it does list some like trial by jury, protection from cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to keep arms for personal defense.
What are the four main ideas found in the English Bill of Rights?
Rule of Law- all people must follow the law
Parliament Supremacy- a representative legislature is more powerful than the king
Government by social contract or consent- contract between the government and the governed which can be broken if the government violates terms
Balance of Powers- established between the legislative and executive branch that led towards the idea of separation of powers and checks and balances
What was the major event that contributed to the American Revolution?
The French and Indian War
What are the two main results of the French and Indian War?
-Britain gained large amounts of territory and debt
-Britain and the colonists developed different ideas for the pregression of the colonies