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The ____ ______ was during the reign of King Henry VIII and was an important time for American history because of the biblical heritage.
English Reformation
____ _____ became the first modern explorer to teach North American, and he claimed North America for England.
John Cabot
Sir ____ _____ was the first Englishman to sail around the world.
Sir Frances Drake
Sir ___ ____ founded "The Lost Colony" at Roanoke Island, North Carolina.
Sir Walter Raleigh
In 1588, Queen Elizabeth's fleet defeated the ___ ___ which was one of the greatest naval forces in the world.
Spanish Armada
The years after the defeat of the Spanish Armada is known as the _____ _____.
Elizabethan Age
____ _____ was one of the greatest writers during the Elizabethan Age who wrote many plays, such as Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.
William Shakespeare
What was the age of the Bible reading?
When many people went to church to hear people read the Bible because many people could not read and there were not many Bibles.
How did the Bible change England?
People change from being greedy and lazy to being kind.
What was the Age of the Puritans?
When people wanted to leave the Church of England and start their own churches.
_______ wanted to purify the Church of England.
People wanting to leave the Church of England entirely were known as _______________.
The king who ruled after Queen Elizabeth was ____ _______.
King James I
King James I tried to force the Puritans out of England and they went to ____________.
the new America
The Separatists who went to the New America were called ____.
In 1611, King James authorized what?
the new version of the Bible that became the best loved version of the Bible.
____ ______ led the Roundheads (people who were Puritans) against King Charles I and killed him.
Oliver Cromwell
Two Puritans writers were:
1) John Milton - Paradise Lost
2) John Bunyan - Pilgrim's Progress
_____ _______ was a great poet who wrote about the Garden of Eden in his book, Paradise Lost.
John Milton
______ _____ was a poor tinker who wrote the book, Pilgrim's Progress.
John Bunyan
Name three English scientists from the Puritan Age:
1) Sir Isaac Newton
2) Francis Bacon
3) Robert Boyle
___ ______ discovered the laws of gravity.
Sir Isaac Newton
_______ is a disease that started in the East and spread rapidly over Europe, especially in London.
What was written across the doors of homes during the plague?
"God Have Mercy on Us"
In 1666, a great ______ broke out in London and destroyed the entire town.
Sir ____ ______ designed 35 new churches and rebuilt the famous St. Paul's Cathedral.
Sir Christopher Wren
The English ___ ___ ____ was written to make England a constitutional monarchy.
Bill of Rights
_____ _____ became England's most famous preacher.
George Whitfield
_____ is the largest country in the United Kingdom
A low mountain range, called the _______ ______ runs down the center of the England and called the "backbone of England".
Pennine Chain
_____ is England's capital
London is located on the ____ River.
Thames River
The ________ is a 31-mile tunnel that runs beneath the English Channel to France.
The English people are known to be ____ and _______.
polite and shy
Only about _____% of English people are farmers.
England is famous for their _____ _____ and ____ _____.
bone china and sterling silver
Some of the customs of the English people are:
1)love conservative colors and
Favorite sports of the English are:
soccer, cricket, rugby and tennis
Ireland is known as the ___ ___
Emerald Isle
The ___ _____ is the longest river in the British Isle.
Shannon River
____ is the partly decayed plant matter found in bogs.
_____ provides a valuable fuel and is Ireland's most important natural resource.
_____% of all of Ireland is covered in peat bogs.
1/6 %
Irish people are known to be ____, ______ and love ______.
friendly, story-tellers and love for poetry.
____ of all Irish people are farmers.
______ is the most important food crop.
During the ___ ____, thousands of Irish starved to death and many migrated to the United States.
potato famine
In _____, the Republic of Ireland gained independence from Great Britain.
_____ % of people in Ireland are Roman Catholic.
_____ is the capital of Ireland.
The official languages of Ireland are ___ and ____.
English and Gaelic
____ is the Gaelic name of the Republic of Ireland.
__ ______ is part of Great Britain even though it is not on the same island.
Northern Ireland
______ is the capital of Northern Ireland.
Most of the people of Northern Ireland are of _____ descent and are ________.
____ ______ was a well known missionary from Northern Ireland
Amy Carmichael
_______ which covers the northern third of Great Britain is also part of the United Kingdom.
Lakes are called _____ in Scotland.
______ are areas where the sea comes into the land.
____ is the name for the plaid cloth pattern of a Scottish Highlanders.
The dress of the Highlander is called the _____.
The _____ is a long piece of tartan like a blanket worn over the shoulder .
The two largest cities in Scotland are ___ and ____.
Glasgow and Edinburgh
______ is the capital of Scotland.
Glasgow is known for its _____.
Scotland is especially known for their ______.
___ _____ stood up to Mary, Queen of Scotts, and started the first Presbyterian Church.
John Knox
_____ is the smallest country in the island of Great Britain.
_____ is the capital of Wales and its largest city.
The official language of Wales is ____ and ____.
English and Welsh
The most important industry in Wales is ____ _____.
coal mining