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Why is Cademon's Hymn important?
It's the earliest extant piece of English Poetry
What is "Cademon's Hymn's" Genre/ How was it written?
Hymn/History/Oral formulaic-poem Written in beat metter.
Why was King Alfred significant?
He was the first king to unite the different tribes of England
When did King Alfred Reign?
Who began the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and what is it?
Began by King Alfred, it is a document that narrated and recorded the history of the anglo-Saxons.
When did the Anglo-Saxon Chroniclels end and why?
In 1154 when the Norman invasions started.
When did the English Language begin?
Around the Anglo-Saxon invasions...449-550,
When was Beowulf regardad as a serious literary work?
Early 1900's
What is the genre/ author of Beowulf?
Beowulf= Germanic oral Epic. Author, unknown but believed to be a christian.
In Beowulf, how was Grendel defeated?
By Beowulf's grip
In Beowulf, how was Grendel's Mother defeated?
In an underwater cave by Beowulf's sword
In Beowulf, how is the dragon defeated?
Beowulf defeats the dragon with the help of Wiglaf, a young kinsman who was the only warrior to remainand fight with B.
In Beowulf, the treasure is
hidden in a mound, guarded by the dragon
Who is Wealhtheow?
Character from Beowulf. Hrothgar's wife, the gracious Queen of the Daines.
What is the genre/ author of the Wander?
It's an "Elegiac" poem. author, unknown.
What makes the Wife's Lamment unusual?
It's authored by a woman.
When did the Anglo-Saxon invasions take place?
What was the "Ecclesiastical History of the English People" about?
the Anglo-Saxon Conquest
What is the main theme of the "Ecclesiastical History of the English People"?
the spread of Christianity and the growth of the English Church
What Genre is "Ecclesiatical History of the English People"?
A moral work and a "hagiography" -(biography on saint/saints)
Who authored the "Ecclesiatical History of the English People"?
What's the content of "The Story of Cademon"?
Song of Praise to God using many diverse names, referring to his different attributes
What is a "Scop" ?
A singer/ entertainer who told a story through song which would then be passed on orally (used "Oral- Formulaic")
What is an "Oral Formulaic" poem?
Units of verse developed and transmitted by one generation of singers to another. Used strategies like repition, subdivision, ...ect. that made memorization easier.
Who Authored "Cura Pastoralis" (AKA Gregory's Pastoral Care)?
King Alfred
What's the content of "Cura Pastoralis"(Gregory's Pastoral Care?)
It's a landmark guide to pastors, includes latin translations into English- to assist clergery
T or F:
From Cademon- the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle English Literature was the main vehicle of expression.
F. English literature was culturally Marginal, 2nd to Latin (in the Scholarly Sense, and againts many odds.
What social class does "Beowulf" focus on?
the Military Upper-cast (Germanic, NOT English) TRIBALISM
Who Authored "Dream of the Rood"?
Unknown Author
When was "Dream of the Rood" composed?
Date Unknown
What's the content/genre of "Dream of the Rood"?
It tells the experience of the Rood after being made from tree to cross for the Christ. The "Rood" is humbled durring the cruifixion, filled dwith pride as the 'restored tree of glory". Devotional.
What Genre is "Dream of the Rood"?
Religous Poem
What's one of the unique things about "Beowulf"?
It's the oldest of the great long Poems written in English
What's the mood of "Beowulf"?
Somber and dignified (ex. The Poem starts/ends with describing a funeral)
How does Beowulf evolve over the story?
from an ambigious young hero to an old king who is mourned/praised.
Identify Beowulf (the character)
The protagonist of "Beowulf" the epic. A Geatish hero who fights the monster Grendel, Grendel's mother, and a fire-breathing dragon
Identiy King Hrothgar
Character from Beowulf. King of the Danes. Grendel terrorizes his relem. Father figure to Beowulf, model for who B. becomes.
Identify Grendel
A demon who preys on Hrothgar's worriors in the king's mead-hall, Herot
What's the content of "The Wanderer"?
Tells of an exile in search of a new Lord and (Mead) hall. Poem Expands from one man to all human beings in a world wasted by war and time...ends with an injunction to practice restraint on earth and place hope in heaven.
What's the content of "The Wife's Lament"?
A woman lamenting her husband's hostile kinsmen, and her present situation of living alone in the wilderness.
What's the genre of "The Wife's Lament"?
Elagiac (expressing sorrow or regreat)
What are some examples of "Heroic virtues" in Beowulf?
- B. is a fearless hero
- B. is willing to sacrifice
- B. is proud
- B. is honorable hero who "quests"/desires more
- Motif of revenge
- Sense of fate/doom/morality
- Emphasis of "life on the edge"
What are 3 themes of Community in Beowlf?
-Civil Island in Chaos
-Royalty as gift-givers
- Pedegree as ID
What's an example of the implied Pagan values in Beowulf?
Glory is the aim of life (substitute for salvation) i.e. glory in battle
what are some examples of the implied human values in Beowulf?
- Ideal Government/king story begis/ends in comparision of 2 old kings
- Community
What's the form of "Beowulf"?
It's a long, extended poetic narritive
What are two aspects of the plotting in "Beowulf"?
- Explicit foreshadowing
- Apparent Digressiveness (Beowulf/ Heroic theme)
In addition to being an epic, "Bowulf" could also include what two liteary genres?
- Hymn of Praise
- Elegy
What's the form of "The Dream of the Rood"?
Dream vision.
"The Battle of Maldon" is the only OE example of what?
a seconday epic that surrvived
What's a "Primary Epic"?
Where the Author's life parrallels the life represented (ex. Homer, Beowulf)
What's a "Secondary Epic"?
Where the author's settled "civilization" dosen't parallel the heric subject.
Almost all of the OE poetry we have comes from what 4 sources?
- Cotton Vitellius
- Junius Vitellius
- Exeter Book
- Vercelli Book
What's the genre of "The Wanderer"?
"Elagaic" (has origional spirit of Elegy)
"The Wanderer" combines what two cultuer's traditions?
Germanic and Christian traditions
What's a literary example from the "Cotton Vitellius" manuscript?
What's a literary example from the "Junius" manuscript?
Genesis, Exodus
What's a literary example from the "Exeter Book" ms?
"Wanderer", "Wife's Lament"
What's a literary example from the "Vercelli Book"?
"Dream of the Rood"
In "The Canterbury Tales" who judges the tales told by each pilgram?
The host
How many husbands did The Wife of Bath have? Which ones were good/bad?
5 total. First 3= Bad. Last 2= Good.
In "The Wife of Bath's prolouge" the 5th husband was what?
The only husband The Wife of Bath married for love.
"The Wife of Bath's" tale is set when?
"The days of King Aurthor".
In "The Wife of Bath's Tale" what do women want most in life?
To be in charge of their husbands and lovers.
In Chaucer's original plan for the tales was how many total?
What genre is "The Wife's Tale"?
A satire.
"The Canterbury Tales" is what kind of narrrative?
A frame narrative
In "The Canterbury Tales" the Pardoner is revolting in what 3 ways?
Physically, Sexually, Morally
"The Canterbury Tales" is formated in what 2 ways?
- In Iambic Petemeter
- In Rhyming Couplets
What's the genre of "The Wife of Bath's Tale"?
Arthirain Chivalric Romance
Name 4 other works (besides the Cantenbury Tales) that are authored by Chaucer?
- The Book of the Duchase
- The Roman de la Rose
- The legened of Good Woman
- Troilus and Criseyde
T or F:
Chacer wrote all of his origional plots
T or F:
Poetry was valued for it's Breadth
What is a Lay?
A kind of song.
What work of Chaucer's was regarded as his greatest achievement untill recently, and why?
Troilus and Criseyde- because it was neoclassic
What poem of Chaucer's was a patial translation of French-love poem
The Roman de la Rose
T or F:
Chacer wrote all of his origional plots
T or F:
Poetry was valued for it's Breadth
What is a Lay?
A kind of song.
What work of Chaucer's was regarded as his greatest achievement untill recently, and why?
Troilus and Criseyde- because it was neoclassic
What poem of Chaucer's was a patial translation of French-love poem
The Roman de la Rose
What's the content of "The Pardoner's Tale"?
-It's a bombastic sermon againts gluttony, gambling, and swearing in a frame narrative
In "The Pardoner's Tale" the three rioters go searching for what?
What's the genre of "The Nun's Priest Tale"?
Who is Chaunticleer?
The heroic rooster of the Nun's Priest tale. Has 7 hen-wives, captured by a fox (furfills his profetic dream)
Who is Pertelote?
Chaunticleer's favorite hen-wife from the Nun's Priest's Tale. She shrugs off Chaunticleer's prophetic dream and then feels bad when it is furfilled.
Identify the Pardoner
A character in "The Cantubary Tales". He's a greedy crook who is preaching againts greed in order to satisfy his own. (IRONY)
What Cantenbury Tales are part of "the marriage group"?
- The Wife of Bath's Tale
- The Clerk's Tale
- The Merchant's Tale
- Franklin's Tale
- The Nun's Priest's Tale
In "Chauceer's Reaction", Caucer expresses regreat for what?
His works of wordly vanities
How did the Host "grade" the various tales?
Best sentence and best solace.
ME incarnation and Crucifixion and Lyrics do not include what genre? Why?
Ballads- because they were transmitted orally- not written down!
What's the content/ Genre of " I sing of a Maiden"?
Content: It visualizes the conception of Jesus in terms of falling dew, and he steal silently to her bower like a lover. Genre: ME poem/lyric
What's the content/genre of "Sunset on Calvary"?
Content: a tale of Mary at the foot of the cross. Genre: ME poem/lyric
What's the content/ genre of "Adam Lay Bound"?
Content: Origional sin is equated with a child stealing an apple. Genre: ME poem/lyric
What's the genre of "The Corpse Christie Carol"?
ME lyric...a form of a llulaby
What's the content of "The Book of Showings"?
16 mystical visions received by the woman known as Jullian Norwich
Who was Julian of Norwich?
An anchoress who authored "The Book of Showings".
The Long version of "The Book of Showings" is the product of what?
More than 15 years of meditation.
What provoked Julian of Norwich's first vision?
Bodily Pains that were simular to the pains of Christ- (she thinks she's dying)
What's the content of "The Book of Margery Kempe"?
Spiritual autobiography of a medieval lay-Woman (Margery Kempe) Tells of her struggles to carry-out instructions for a Holy life that she (claimed) to receive from JC and the VM
At the age of 40 Margery Kempe did what?
Took a vow of celibacy.
The Shepherd's Play is included in what?
the Towneley collection of Mystery Plays
Who preformed Mystery Plays?
Trade guilds.
How does "The Shepherd's Play" end?
at the manger scene
Mak and Gil are characters of what literary work?
The Shepherds Play
Who Authored "The Shepherd's Play"?
Anonymous author, referred to as "The Wakefield Master"
What's the genre of "The Shepherd's Play"?
biblical play (based on scripture). a parable of what the nativity means.
How is the 3-Ravens arranged?
In couplets.
Almost all popular Ballads had something to do with what?
Who authored "Reliques of ancient English Poetry"?
Who authored "English and Scotch Popular Ballads"?
Francis James Child
In "The Book of Showings" what does the Hazelnut represent?
God as maker, lover, and keeper.
What does "Contemptus Mundi" mean and what literary work is it associated with?
= "contempt for the world". associated with: "The Book of Showings"
What are some chararistics of ME Lyrics?
-Not narrative
- Simple expressions of feelings
- Repetitive
-Feelings or more important than text or ideas
To whom were ME Lyrics intended for?
Generally, courtly and literate (UPPER class)
Traditional ME traditional ballads are similar to what?
The modern short story
What are some chararistics of ME traditional Ballads?
- Oral tradition
- Ellipsis- tells part of a story
To whom were ME traditional ballads intended for?
The masses
What are the 3 different genres of Mystery Plays?
Mystery:biblical (ex. "Shepherds")
Miracle: saint's life, aka: hagiography
Morality: allegorical (ex. "Everyman")
When were the Mystery Plays written?
Before the 15th centurary
When were the Mystery Plays produced? and why/when did they end?
Up until the 1570's... (was ended at the start of the reformation-by the reformer's opposition.
Name 4 individual cycles of Mystery Plays and their number of plays
Wakefield Cycle/ "Towneley Cycle" >32
York Cycle-48
Chester Cycle-25
Lincoln/ "Hegge Cycle" - 42
What's the Norman Conquest?
Period of rapid change (when the Normans took over- the language shifted)
Who Authored "Pier's Plowman"?
William Langland (1330-1387)
What's the form of "Pier's Plowman"?
What's the theme of "Pier's Plowman"?
The history of Christianity in : the OT, NT, and the hearts of an individual 14th centruary Christian. Spiritual formation
Who said: "I'd like to be shriven if shame would let me" ?
Who authored "Morte Darthur" ?
Sir Thomas Malory (ca 1405-1471)
Where is King Arthur last seen?
In a barge
Who authored "Pearl"?
Author = anonymous
"Pearl" is part of what revival?
The alliterated revival.
What's the form of "Pearl"?
What's the genre of "Pearl"?
Elegy (the dreamer falls asleep while grieving at the grave of his infant daughter)
"Pearl" is a major contribution to what?
the literature of spiritual formation
What's a spiritual formation?
Taking the narrator's prgress toward God and intended to inspire the reader's
What's the genre of "Pier's Plowman"?
-Spiritual devotional
-Dramatization of the Christian's psychomachia (spiritual journey)
What's the plot of "Peir's Plowman"?
The search for truth.
What's the rehtorical mode of "Peir's Plowman"?
- Allegory
- A series of dream visions
What are the "critical fortunes" of "Peir's Plowman"?
48 extanat ms
What does the pearl reprsent in "Pearl"?
the surpassing value of the kingdom of heaven
What's one of the major themes of "Pearl"?
What it means to loose a loved one.
What's the genre of "Motre Darthur"?
- Chivalric Arthurian Romance
Why did "Motre Darthur" "die", and when was it "rediscovered"?
"killed"- Neoclassism
"rediscoverd"-the romatic movement, 1800's
Why was the Allegory rejected and when was it rehabilitated?
rejected because of the ries of neo-classicism, rehabilitated about 50 yrs ago.
Who was Wace?
- A Norman
- Author of French "Morte Darthur"
- written for Henery II courtly audiances
- Added the round table to the Arthurian romances
Identify: Geoffrey, Historia
- Latin "Morte Darthur"
- Written for clerics
Identify the Layman "Morte Darthur"
-First English version of the Arthurian materials
- 1200's
- English Priest
- His Audiance: Ordianry, English folk
When did the Alliterative Morte Arthur start?
Late ME
The French Romances brought in which characters into the Arthurain Romances?
Merlin, Lancelot, and Tristan