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Fremont Bridge (Off at West End)
SB I 405, Hwy 30/Yeon, 23rd Vaughn
Fremont Bridge (On at the west end)
NB I405, 23/rd Vaughn, Hwy 30/Yeon
Steel Bridge (Exit at west end)
NE Glisan St
Steel Bridge (Access from west end)
NB Front, SB Front, NW Everett
Broadway Bridge
On and off at the west end: BROADWAY
Burnside Bridge
On and off at the west end: Burnside St
Morrison Bridge (Exits at west end)
Washington St, NB Front, SB Front
Morrison Bridge (Onramps from West End)
NB Front, SB Front, SW Alder St
Hawthorne Bridge (Exits off at the west end)
SW Main
SW 1st
Hawthorne Bridge (Onramps from the west end)
NB Front, SB Front, Madison
Marquam Bridge (Exits off the west/south end of bridge)
SB I5, NB I405, Hwy 43/Macadam
Marquam Bridge(Onramps)
NB I5, SB I405, NB Macadam
Ross Island Bridge (Exits off the bridge at the west end)
SB Front/Barbur, Corbett/Kelly, SB I5
Ross Island Bridge (Access onto the bridge west end)
SB Front, Barbur, Kelly, 1st/Arthur
Sellwood Bridge
On/off both from Macadam