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Define the Principle of Dominance
When 2 forms of the same gene are present the dominant allele is expressed.
Contrast Phenotype and Genotype
Phenotype is an observable and inherited trait, genotype is the arrangement of alleles which produces the trait.
Define Complimentary Interaction
Two genes interact to produce a phenotype that neither is capable of producing itself.
Define Pleiotropy
One gene affects more than one phenotype
Define Autosomal
A gene that is not located on a sex chromosome is said to be autosomal.
List the Three Primary Patterns of Inheritance
Autosomal Recessive, Autosomal Dominant, Sex-linked
List the Four Nitrogenous Bases
Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thymine
What makes up a Nucleotide?
A nitrogenous base, a phosphate, and a deoxyribose sugar.
What causes Okazaki fragments?
On the lagging strand of DNA, Okazaki fragments appear as polymerase stops to wait for unwinding.
What is the job of Helicase?
Helicase unwinds and unzips the DNA double helix apparatus.
What is the role of Ligase?
Ligase 'stitches' together the discontinuous Okazaki fragments.
What is the difference between a purine and a pyramidine?
A purine is a double ringed molecule, whereas a pyramidine is a single ringed molecule.
Map distance is equal to ___________?
Recombination frequency.
Define epistasis.
A masking or suppression of a gene by another gene.
List the three blood types, in order of Dominance.
A and B are dominant over O, but A and B are codominant when present together...oooo..trick question.