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What is a consequence?
Experiencing the results of your actions
What is the goal of using consequences with children as you provide guidance?
The best use of consequences as a discipline tool is when the undesirable behavior is caused by a child's lack of understanding.
Natural consequences
*Getting out of they way and allowing children to learn from their experiences
*Make sure you avoid overprotection
*Allows children to be more responsible
What the child has done to another is done back to the child
*The child pays for, or replaces, what has been damaged or lost

*The child assists a person injured through that child's fault
The child may not have access to materials that have been abused or misused until the behavior changes
The child who is harming others may not play with the other children until the behavior changes. (Remove the child)
What are some things adults need to be cautious of as they apply consequences with young children so they won't turn into punishment?
*The connection between the child's behavior and the consequences must be clear to the child

*Prevent problems
*Teach by example
*Use "I" messages
*Teach discipline without the use of adult power
Related Consequences
Involve adult intervention without anger or blame
*Convinces a child that he or she is bad
*Damages self esteem
Why does behavior modification work against children learning self-discipline or moral autonomy?
*It doesn't teach children why certain behaviors are more desirable than others
*It uses rewards in attempts to promote better behavior
Occurs when an unproductive behavior is unintetionally reinforced