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good thing/it's just as well that (it's just as well that you didn't go, it was boring)
menos mal que (menos mal que no fuiste, estuvo aburrida)
to get on someone's good side, impress

to get on someone's bad side
quedar bien (se puso corbata para quedar bien con los suegros)

quedar mal (quedé mal con el porque no lo saludé)
so anyhow/anyway
en fin
so anyhow
as it turned out
total que
that's too much, that's the last straw, that's the end
es el colmo
to finish off (I finished of the milk)

to run out of (we've run out of money)
acabar con (acabé con la leche)

acabarse (se nos acabó el dinero)
to have a yen for, feel like, craving (I could go for some/feel like/would die for some pizza)
antojarse (se me antoja una pizza)
to meet, get together (I met some friends)
quedar en verse con (quedé en verme con unos amigos)
facing (face to face)

in front of/ ahead of
de frente a

delante de
No way/don't expect (you're crazy if you think I'm going to help you)
Ni creas. (Ni creas te voy a ayuadar)
to give up/surrender
darse por vencido
I'm sorry that... (I'm sorry I'm late)
siento +haber +past part (siento haber llegado tarde)
enjoy yourselves (hay dos)
diviértanse o que se diviertan
to lend a hand

gimme a hand
echar una mano

échame la mano
to put someone in charge of (I'll be in charge of the salad)

to entrust to/count on someone for (can you get me some asprin?) (I'm really counting on you)
encargar de (yo me encargo de la ensalada)

encargar (¿Te encargo unas aspirinas?) (Te lo encargo mucho)
to act like/play as if (dont play the victim)
hacerse (no te hagas la víctima)
don't go (doing something)(don't go getting yourself in trouble)

some (sarcastic) (some dress!)
ir (no te vayas a meter en líos)

vaya + noun (vaya vestido!)
that's beside the point
no viene al caso
to fail (hay dos, una más amable que la otra)
fallar (más amable)
fracasar (menos amable)
to guess right/get it (hay dos)
acertar (ie)
to become/turn into (she's become/turned into a real nuciance)
volverse (se ha vuelto una verdadera molestia)