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What training is required prior to recruit training?
Rank Structure

General Orders

Initial Strength Test

The Code of Conduct

Naval Terminology
Identify the location of male and female recruit training.
Male and Female recruit
training Parris Island S.C.

MCRD San Diego Ca. is for males only
What is the length of forming phase for male and female recruit training?
Forming phase typically is two days in length for both male and female recruits.

This is the minimum time and can depend on when a recruit ships to training.
Does formaing phase count twords the total training days in Recruit Training?
Forming does not count towards the recruits training time.
What is the length of male and female recruit training?
Twelve weeks / 69 Training days.
Close Order Drill occurs during what phase of male and female recruit training?
1st Training Phase
(Training Days 1-23)
Identify in writing the Support Training Company in male and female recruit training.
a. Physical Conditioning Platoon (PCP). Recruits receive extensive physical training and are placed on a diet to get them strong enough to return to regular training.

b. Medical Rehabilitation Platoon (MRP). Recuits receive the care and training to recover from physical ailments and eventually return to regular training.
What percentage of Recruits may be promoted meritoriously in boot camp.
a. 10% of each platoon may be nominated for meritorious promotion to Private First Class.
b. The 10% nominated for meritorious promotion includes those Marines that are already PFC's upon their arrival at the recruit depots.
What are the meritorious promotion incentives for recruit training.
a. If the Honor Graduate is already a Private First Class, then he or she may be promoted to Lance Corporal. This puts this Marine eight months ahead of their peers for promotion on a regular basis
What are the time in grade requirements for promotion to Private First Class (PFC).
a. A Marine may be promoted to Private First Class (PFC) three months after their graduation date from recruit training, considering that they are recommended for promotion by their Commanding Officer.
With the aid of reference, given a Marine Corps Opportunities Book identify the section and page number that information on Recruit Training can be found.
The info on Recruit Training can be found on page (14-2)