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Achondroplasia characteristic spine finding.
narrowing of interpeduncular distances in opposite direction. (caudal)
Long differential for AVN...
collagen vasc dz
What is seen just before AVN collapse?
subchondral lucency....rarely seen.
What modality is extremely useful for characterizing AVN?
MR - presence and extent
Examples of conditions having hypertrophic pulm osteoarthropathy
most common lung cancer
GI disorders
liver dz
findings in hypertrophic pulm osteoarthropathy
clubbing of fingers and periostitis in extremeties
Differential for periostitis in long bone without underlying bony abnormality...
hypertrophic pulm osteoarthropathy
venous stasis
thyroid acropachy
Melorheostosis rare or common?
rare idiopathic disorder.
Characteristics of melorheostosis...
thickened cortical new bone accumulating near the ends of long bone looking like dripping candle wax.
Name the mucopolysaccharidoses (3)
What are the muccopolysaccharidoses?
inherited dz of abnormal storage and excretion in urine of varios mucopolysaccharides.
Characteristics of these patients...
short stature (spines short) and characteristic plain film findings
Morquio has what characteristic plain film finding?
platyspondyly...generalized flattening of the vertebral bodies with a beak of the bertebral body seen on lateral view.
What plain film characteristic does Hurler and Hunter syndromes show?
platyspondyly of the spine with inferior beaking.
What do all of the mucopolysaccharidosis have in common on plain fim?
The spine findings but also an achondroplastic looking pelvis and femur (wide flared illiac wing and broad femoral necks) and in hands you see pointed prox fifth metacarpal base notched to the ulnar aspect.
Another name for multiple hereditary exostosis...
diaphyseal aclasia.
Is multiple hereditary exostosis rare or common
not uncommon
What do you see in multiple hereditary exostosis?
multiple family members, multiple bones, multiple esteochondromas, or exostosis
What is an osteochondroma?
cartilage capped bone outgrowth that may be pedunculated or sesile.
What joint is almost always involved in multiple hereditary exostosis?
What other finding do you see with multiple hereditary exostosis?
undertubulation (widened diameter of the bone) at site of exostosis.
Do the osteochondromas typically have malignant degeneration?
no. reported 20% but likely exaggerated. Osteochondromas that are not axial usually don't degenerate to malignancy like axial ones do.
Where is another site multiple hereditary exostosis affects?
femur necks
Ostiod osteoma etiology?
Treatment of ostiod osteoma?
surgical is painful.
Radiographic appearance of ostiod ostioma?
It is said to have a classic appearance but it has many different ones making the diagnosis difficult.
What is the classic radiographic description of ostiod osteoma?
cortically based sclerotic lesion in long bone that has small lucency within it called a nidus
What causes the pain in osteoid osteoma?
The evil nidus.
What is used to locate the nidus better?
CT is helpful
Variations of ostiod osteoma...
in joint space or medulla of bone vs cortex...not as sclerotic in these regions. If in the periosteum get exuberent periostitis.
What does ostiod osteoma most mimick?
How do you differentiate infection vs osteoid osteoma?
nidus picks up radiopharm bone scanning agents. The sclerotic margin also takes it up and you get a "double density sign". OM is dark.
Ostiod osteoma natural hx?
Osteopathia Striata also known as...
Voorhoeve disease
Osteopathia Striata...clinical significance....
incidental finding
What do you see radiographically with Osteopathia Striata?
2-3mm thick linear bands of sclerotic bone aligned parallel to long axis of bone in multiple long bones.
Osteopoikilosis clinical significance?
incidental finding. familial
What are the findings of osteopoikilosis radiographically?
multiple small sclerotic bony densities mostly in long bone ends and pelvis. Its only clinical significance is that it can be confused for osteoblastic mets.
Pachydermoperiostosis...what is it?
Rare familial dz manifested by thickening of the skin of the extremeties and face, clubbing of the fingers and widespread periostitis.
Pachydermoperiostosis more common in?
Sarcoidosis bony lesions...what part of the body
hands most common
What is the characteristic radiographic appearance of sarcoid bone lesion
lacelike pattern of bony destruction in hands....aunt minnie.
Transient osteoporosis of the hip...what is it?
exactly what is resolves. Usually in hips...looks like AVN and some think it is early AVN.