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What are "Osteoblasts"?
Living cells that deposit the minerals that bones are made of.
What is a "Compact bone"?
The type of bone tissue that has no open spaces.
What is a "Spongy bone"?
The type of bone tissue that has many open spaces.
What is "Marrow"?
The soft tissue that bone contain.
[Two types of Marrow are:
Red Marrow: Produces red and white blood cells.
Yellow Marrow: Stores fat.
What is "Cartilage"?
Flexible tissue, the way your bones started out.
What is a "Gliding joint"?
A joint that allows one bone to glide over another and give some flexibility to the area.
[ex. The wrist.
What is a "Ball-and-Socket joint"?
A joint that is like a video-game joystick, it lets the area move around freely in all directions.
[ex. The shoulder.
What is a "Hinge joint"?
A joint that allows you only to flex and extend that area.
[ex. The knee.
What is a "Joint"?
A place where two or more bones meet.
What is a "Ligament"?
Strong elastic bands of connective tissue that hold joints together.
What is a "Sprain"?
A joint injury where the ligament is stretched to far or torn.
What is "Osteoporosis"?
A disease of the skeletal system that causes bones to become weak and break easier.
What is "Arthritis"?
A joint disease that causes joints to swell or stiffen.