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How many neurons do you think we have?
Over a million million
Think brain cells
If you were to join them together how far do you think they would stretch?
Fly me to the Moon!
Think of from here to.....
How many neurons do you think each other neuron can communicate with?
Up to 10,000 others
Think how many will be watchhing Sunderland next season!
How big a building would you need to house a computer thesame size as your brain?
Royal Albert Hall
Think Last Night of The Proms!
How much information do you think you are capable of storing in your brain?
A brain the size of a pea could carry all the world's telephone exchange systems.
Think BT, Orange, Cellnet.........
What percentage of your body's oxygen does your brain consume?
20 to 25%
Divide the number of months in a year by the number of terms.
How many neurons has a bee? How much bigger is the human brain?
900 cells - the size of a grain of salt - and just think of all the things a bee can do! The human brain is over 100 million times that size.
A bee has to land on a flower, adjust for the wind, balance, be aware of predators. It is aware of magnetic and electric fields, ultraviolet light and uses sun position for navigation.