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Bermuda Youth License

Under what legislation
Auxiliary Cycle Act 1954
BYL Towing - driver
BYL holder may not tow passengers

s9B(1) $300
BYL Towing - Guardian
No Person shall allow towing by BYL holder

Parent/Guardian/Responsible Person
Vehicle Owner

s9B(2) $300
BYL Towing - Passenger
No person to be towed by BYL holder

s9B(3) $300
BYL Hours - driver
Restricted Hours 1:00AM to 5:00 AM

s9C(1) $300
BYL - Hours - Parent
No person shall cause/allow BYL to drive during restricted house 1:00 - 5:00AM

parent/guardian/responsible person
Cycle owner

s9C(2) $300
Under 18 Non Resident
No person under 18 who is non resident shall drive an auxiliary cycle

S9D $400
Motorcar Amendment Act 2008

Towing - law
Any vehicle being driven without

Valid drivers licence s74 RTA
no Third party insurance s 4(4) MCA
unlicenced vehicle s 52 MCA

Can be seized and towed

Driven by police or towed
Motorcar Amendment Act 2008

Towing - Notice given to...
If vehicle towed under Motorcar Amendment Act

Must give notice of seizure to

1 Driver
2 Owner
3 Minister of Transport
4 Person Towing Vehicel
5 Pound Operator
Motorcar Amendment Act 2008

Towing - Release
Pound Operator may release only on production of
'Certificate of Release'

After production of

1 Valid Drivers Licence
2 Valid Vehicle licence
3 Valid certificate of insurance
4 Pay all towing impound charges
Motorcar Amendment Act 2008

Towing - Cost Exceptions
Vehicle owner not responsible for costs if

1 Not driver at time vehicle seized
2 Did not know vehicle was being driven
3 Did not consent to vehicle being driven
4 Could not have prevented it from being driven