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Who is Jack Jckson?
Jack Jackson was the first African American World Heavywieght Chapion.
What are boxers?
Boxers arepeople who fight with a type of gloves.
What do boxers get when they become champions.
When boxers become champions they get a a belt that has the word champion on it.
What are boxing gloves?
Boxing gloves are a type of gloves that boxers use to fight with.
Who was Oscar de la Hoya?
Oscar de la Hoya is a famous boxer.
What is a boxing ring?
A boxing ring is a place where boxers box.
What happens to a boxer who falls to the ground?

What happens to a boxer that falls down to the ground looses the match.
How can you tell who wins the match?
You can tell who wins because the winner knock the enemy to the ground.
How manycoaches (or trainers)does a boxer have?
Usaully a boxer has three trainers.
Do boxers practice boxing before the box against the other competer.
Some boxers rather save their energy.