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A tree reaches its imposing size by combining _____ and ______ growth.
primary and secondary
some parts of a tree undergo primary growth at the same time that other parts undergo...
secondary growth
a growth that occurs in young leaves and elongating parts of stems and roots.
primary growth
-Embryonic plant tissue in the tips of roots and in the buds of shoots that supplies cells for the plant to grow in length.

-provide cells for primary growth.
Apical meristems
-The increase in girth of the stems and roots of many plants, especially woody, perennial dicots.
-occurs in regions of stems or roots that have completed their elongation.
-doesn't occur in many short-lived dicots and most monocots, such as palms and grasses.
-Leaves never have it
secondary growth
A subdivision of flowering plants whose members possess two embryonic seed leaves, or cotyledons.
A subdivision of flowering plants whose members possess one embryonic seed leaf, or cotyledon.
occurs when a lateral meristem called the vascular cambium adds xylem and phloem to the stem.
secondary growth
the main reason why tree trunks thicken with age
The vascular cambium forms secondary phloem toward the stem's surface and secondary xylem (wood) toward the stem's center.
-Cork made by one or more lateral meristems which occur outside the secondary phloem.
-work at the same time as the vascular cambium
-often make extra storage tissue toward the inside of the stem
cork cambiums