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Boston Seafood Chowder
creamy new england style chowder made with clams, scallops, shrimp, cod and a touch of Monterey Jack Cheese. Garnish with a sprinkle of Old Bay and Parsley
French Onion
served au gratin (with melted prov and swiss) with homestyle croutons and sprinkled with parm. cheese and parsley. to prepare: fill bowl 7/8 full with soup, add croutons (4-5), place slice of prov etc... microwave for 25-45 seconds until cheese starts to melt
Boston Style Chili
spicy, thick, meaty, made with light red kidney beans, tomato sauce, tomato juice, ground beef and spices. Garnish with 12-15 shreds of ched/prov cheese
Phillips Lobster Bisque
orange colored, thick soup made by philips and contains sweet lobster tail meat and blend of spices. Garn. with parsley
Soup du jour
italian wedding, ministrone, brocoli cheese, wisconsin cheese and chicken noodle
Soup and Salad
house salad (minuteman) or small caesar with bowl of any of the 4 soups, served with crackers, breadsticks upon request
Chili and grilled cheese
chili with whole grilled american cheese sw. can have diff cheese, chili in crock placed on plate with bev nap under, spoon on side and cheese
Soup and Half Sandwich
any of the 4 soups in crock on bev nap on sw platter, 1/2 sw placed on plate next to soup: grilled turkey/swiss, grilled ham and american, LTM on TS, with kale/pickle
Salad and Half Sandwich
small minuteman/caesar with half TS or HA sw, salad in large rimmed salad bowl, 1/2 sw on app plate with kale/pickle
Chicken Filet Salad
Strips of breaded, chopped chicken tenderloin, c/p, curly fries on salad platter
Grilled Chicken Salad
marinated grilled chicken breast (cut in chunks), seasoned curly fries, c/p cheese, on salad platter
Grilled Steak Salad
grilled 6 oz. choice angus steak sliced, seasoned curly fries, p/c cheese on salad platter
Chicken BLT Salad
marinated chicken breast grilled and cut into chunks atop salad platter,topped with crispy bacon peices and c/p cheese. Suggest SW Ranch dressing
Taco Salad
beanery chili atop salad mix w ith fresh tortilla chips, diced tomato, c/p and black olives. With 2 oz sour cream on top with black olive, 2 oz salsa
Grilled Chicken Caesar
grilled, marinated chicken breast Cajun seasoning, over caesar salad platter. Served in salad bowl with 4 egg wedges, caesar dressing tossed with, all romaine lettuce, toped with shredded parmesianand seasoned croutons
Bunker Hill Chef Salad
chefs stacked salad served with fresh cut turkey and ham topped with shredded p/c cheese on salad platter
Lite House
vegetarian delight, large garden salad topped with green peppers, sliced mushrooms, cucumbers, grape tomatos on salad platter,seasoned croutons
Minuteman salad
house salad, lettuce, 4 grape tomatos, 2 slices cucumber, 2 slices red onion, 2 oz shredded c/p. croutons
house caesar
romain, caesar dressing, 2 egg wedges, croutons, parm. cheese
beanery stacked club
turkey, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo, club white toast
southwest chicken wrap
spicy chicken, prov, cheddar, tomato, black olives, con queso sauce, flour tortilla, w/ BF, lemon, kale, 2 oz SC and Salsa
Battered Cod Basket
2 3oz peices of lightly beer battered cod, steak fries, 4 oz. coleslaw, 2 oz tartar,ketchup
Boston Beanwich
bacon, cheddar, boston b aked beans,grilled italian bread
grilled monte cristo
grilled ham, turkey topped with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo, egg batter dipped grilled italian bread
philips crab cake sandwich
4 oz. grilled, 80% crab jumbo lump crab meat, w lettuce on grilled italian roll and 2 oz roumelade
whaler fish sandwich
2 3oz lightly beer battered cod with american cheese and lettuce on grilled italian roll. 2 oz. tartar
italian hoagie
grilled salami, pepperoni, ham, prov. lettuce, tomato, red onion italian dressing, on grilled hoagie roll
chicken club sandwich
breaded chicken breast topped with bacon, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing. grilled italian roll.
Sunday Drink Special
$3.00 Bloody Marys, 11-9
Monday drink specials
1.00 bud light, miller light draft, 4-9
Tuesday drink specials
2.00 premium bottles, 3.00 Irish coffees, 3.00 20oz. guiness drafts, 4-9
Wednesday Drink Specials
3.50 long island iced teas
flavors: arctic blue, electric lemonade, peach, raspberry, regular, 4-9
Thursday Drink Specials
2.00 Corona, corona lt.
4.00 25 oz.frozen margaritas
flavors: rasp, straw, orange, key lime, banana, reg. 4-9
Friday drink specials
4.50 grey goose highballs
5.50 grey goose martinis
(appletini, cosmo, reg)
Saturday drink specials
5.00 Martinis
25. oz miller lt draft
25 oz. bud light draft
25 oz. yuengling draft
25 oz. red hook draft
25 oz. sam adams draft
25 oz. guiness draft
high highballs
double house highballs
red bull and vodka
double red bull/vodka
Rail Alcohol
$3. 75: Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Bourbon
Middle Shelf Vodka
Absolut Kurant/Pepper
Stoli: Oranj, Razberi, cranberi,vanil, citros
Middle Shelf Rum
Bacardi:Limon, O, Razz, Coco, Vanilla
Captain Morgan, Malibu
Middle Shelf Tequila
Cuervo Gold, 4.50
Middle Shelf Bourbon
Jim Bean 4.50
Middle Shelf Whiskey
J. Daniels, Seagrams 7, Seagrams V.O

Middle Shelf Cordials
Southern Comfort, Yukon Jack, 4.50
Top Shelf Vodka
Grey Goose: Citron, Orange, Vanilla: 6.00
3 Olives: Cherry, Choc, apple: 6.00
Top Shelf Gin
Beefeater- 5.00
Bombay Sapphire- 5.00
Tanqueray- 5.00
Magellan- 6.00
Top Shelf Tequila
Cuervo 1800: 5.50
Patron: 7.00
Top Shelf Scotch
J&B- 5.00
J Walker Red, Dewers- 5.50
Glenfiddich- 6.00
J Walker black, Chivas, Glenlivit- 6.50
Top Shelf Bourbon
Wild turkey 101- 5.00
knob creek- 5.50
basils hayden- 6.00
Top Shelf Whiskey
crown royal, jamesons, bushmills- 6.00
Top Shelf Cognac
remy martin- 5.50
hennessey- 6.00
Top Shelf Cordials
kahlua, starbucks, jagermeister, rumplemintz, goldschlager, baileys, sambuca, das komest, midori, disaronna, hypnotq- 5.00
cointreau, chambord- 5.50
grand marnier, godiva, b&b- 6.00