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Which group of drugs works to block ACh receptors in the nervous system? What happens during an OD of this group? What is the antidote?
Anticholinergics (ie, atropine, ipratropium)

Dry as a bone (anhidrosis), Mad as a hatter (delerium), blind as a bat (mydriasis), hot as a hare (fever)

Physostigmine is the antidote
What group of drugs inhibits cholinesterase (over-abundance of ACh) which can produce an over stimulation of skeletal muscle and parasympathetic nervous system? What are the OD symptoms? What is the antidote

Salivation, Lacrimation, Urination, Defecation, GI upset, Emesis (SLUDGE)

Atropine is the antidote
What is the action of Aminoglycosides? Vancomycin? Quiniolones? Chloramphenicol? Erythromycin? Tetracycline? Sulfonamides? Trimethoprim?
A - inhibit initiation of translation (Aerobic, Gram neg)

V - inhibits cell membrane and cell wall synthesis (DOC MRSA)

Q - inhibit topoisomerase so can't use own DNA

C - inhibits peptidyl transferase necessary for protein synthesis (protein synth inhibitor)

E - protein synthesis inhibitor

Tetra - inhibits protein synthesis

S - inhibit folate synthesis

Tri - inhibit folate synthesis
What is the action of Bacitracin? Polymyxin? Carbapenems? Glycopeptides? Clindamycin? Metronidazole? Nitrofurantoin?
B - inhibits cell wall synthesis topically

P - antipseudomonal agent - topical, ophthalmic

C - powerful cell wall cynthesis inhibitors (most gram pos and many gram neg, both anaerobic and aerobic)

G - cell wall synthesis inhibitors (only gram pos that are very serious)

clinda - protein synthesis inhibitor

M - activates mechanisms that destroy microbial DNA (anerobic bacteria/protozoa)

N - accumulates in urine - goof for UTI/DOC in preggo UTI)
What is Empirical Treatment?
treatments that are done before the culture results are available and/or before the eitiologic agent is known
What is Drug of Choice?
preferred drug to use AFTER the specific microbial causative agent has been identified.