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When does a Video Cards BIOS run?
Usually before the system BIOS so it can intialize the video card
What provides a PC its first instructions when booting up?
Name 2 devices that have there own BIOS.
Video Card, SCSI Adapters
What hardware needs to be working to pass POST
What does POST stand for?
Power On Self Test
Can the POST identify hardware that fails to start up?
Is there anything the POST can not identify?
CPU and Memory if it fails
Post codes in the 100's are related to?
Errors in CMOS or BIOS
CMOS Battery
Time and Date
Post codes in the 200's are related to?
Bad System Memory
Post codes in the 300's are related to?
Fuctional Keyboard with no stuck keys
Post codes in the 400's are related to?
Paralell Port
Post codes in the 600's are related to?
Presnt and Functioning Floppy Drive
Post codes in the 700's are related to?
Math Coprocessor
Post codes in the 1100's or 1200's are related to?
Serial Port
Post codes in the 1700's are related to?
Post codes in the 2400's are related to?
Video Card present and support basic resolution
Post codes in the 8600's are related to?
Pointing Device
What happens after POST?
BIOS PnP consults ESCD to see if resources are available and needed
What does ESCD do?
ESCD provides PnP capability to PnP components
Where in BIOS can you choose which device to boot the system?
Advanced CMOS Settings
What happens when the BIOS completes POST and PnP Setup?
It reports status and turns over boot process to specified boot device
What does ESCD Stand for?
Extended System Configuration Data
What is the boot sequence for a PC?
CPU, Power Good, POST, Boot Loader, OS