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Which happens first:

The CPU loads the program stored in the BIOS into RAM and runs the program. This program includes a basic input/output program for communicating with the standard hardware components and the POST.


The CPU sends out an initialization (INIT) signal.
The CPU sends out an initialization (INIT) signal.
What is an INIT?
an initialization signal
IPL is another name for POST. But what does IPL stand for?
initial program load
Is POST principally handled by the BIOS?
What does POST stand for?
Power On Self Test
If the hard drive is the boot device, the _______ is read,
Master Boot Record
Where is the MBR located?
the first thing written on the first sector of the first partition.
The a______ is the primary partition that boots the OS.
active partition
Under NT/2000/XP, what is the boot sector program?
Which happens first in an NT/2000/XP system: Boot.ini is read or NTLDR file is loaded?
NTLDR is loaded
What does do?
It checks hardware devices present and passes the information back to NTLDR
Name the four boot files in NT/2000/XP:
The b____ partition is the partition where an OS is stored.
boot partition
You need this file on NT/2000/XP if you are connecting to a SCSI drive that connects to a host adapter and th ehost adapter does not have ROM for BIOS support.
What is the name of the file that contains the NT operating system?
The s______ partition contains the boot files in NT/2000/XP.
system partition
This file is the file for the Windows Logon in NT/2000/XP.
After using, NTLDR loads four things. Name them:
2. Some basic drivers
3. Some registry files
4. Hal.dll
Are boot and GUI files closely linked in NT/2000/XP?
What two things are in the boot sector?
The Master Boot Record and the partition table. (Note: some refer to the MBR as encompassing the MB program and the partition table.)
What is the MBR's one job?
To look for a valid OS