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Where is the CR directed for a finger?
For lateral 3rd and 4th digitk why should the affected digit be positioned so that its long axis is parallel with the image receptor?
To accurately demonstrate the bones and joints.
For the PA oblique projection of the 2nd digit, what is the advantage of rotating the 2nd digit medially compared with the advantage of rotating the digit laterally.
Decreased OID
Increased recorded detail
For the PA oblique projection of the third digit, what is the advantage of placing the patient's fingers on a 45 degree foam wedge?
-Open joints
-Separate phalanges
What position should the thumb be placed when the hand is pronated with fingers extended?
PA oblique
Which projection of the thumb produces the greatest OID?
Which carpal bone should be included in all radiographs of the thumb?
In the PA projection of the hand, where should the CR be placed?
3rd MCP joint
Which two groups of joints of the hand and digits should be demonstrated open on the PA hand
MCP and IP joints
For the lateral projection of the wrist, how should the elbow be positioned
Flexed 90 degrees
For a tangential wrist - hyperextended or hyperflexed
Why should the patient lean laterally for the AP projection of the elbow
To adjust the humeral epicondyles and the anterior surface of the forearm parallel with the IR