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What is the "Maalox approach? and why is it beneficial?
Refers to using a provide quick prescription to a problem prior to doing expensive time-consuming diagnostic testing -- it is effective for the majority of problems, and less traumatic for the individual involved.
What is the difference between or voluntary minorities and involuntary minorities?
immigrants moved to a new country for a better life while involuntary immigrants were brought to another society against their will
Another term sometimes used for the ability-achievement discrepancy model is...
____ are effect tools to increase communication and collaboration during the Evaluation phase?
Parent Daily Reports
Which of the following is an important role school psychologists hsould play in preventing and responding to school violence?
to consult with school staff implementing social skills programs to teach peaceful ways to resolve conflicts.
One problem with conducting special education research is that...
students cannot be randomly assigned to treatments
Input evaluation will includ
an examination fo resources avilable to address identified needs
Two way communication can be fostered between the home and school by ...
newsletters, notes home, suggestion box, handbook
When assessing problem behaviors with students with Autism it is recommended to use what type of approach?
Which of the following is a processing skills that supports the enactment of collaboration?
problem solving skills; listening and communicating; recognizing family perogatives
In general, parents of a child with a disability
less frequently engage in leisure activities
What is the foundation for all laws?
The U. S. Constitution
The three influences on the consultation process include which of the following
acceptability; adherence; treatment integrity
Experts advise that ____ is (are) critical in the experience of a child who is hearing impaired.
early childhood identification and early intensive language intervention
A system is:
any 2 people who work at the same place; an orderly combination of parts that interact to produce a desired outcome/product; a lawnmower engine -- all of the above
The most widely recognized feature of consultation is
indirect service
Which research method focuses on problem identification?
process research
What percentage of the student obdy will be made up of second language learners in 2026?
The educational definition of TBI excludes children who:
Are affected by hydrocephaly
What group of newly immigrated students would you expect to be experiencing the greatest amount of acculturative stress
8th grade students
Which is a neuropsychological sybtype of math disabilities according to Geary
difficulties with semantic retrieval of math facts; applciation of computational algorithms; visual-spatial understanding of number system
The first four sequential stages that a family goes through according to the Stage Theory of parental acceptance isd
shock, denial, sadness, anger
Which of the following is an indirect financial cost placed on families with a disabled child?
lost time at work
The process of adopting the cultural norms and ethnic traits of the majority, while often rejecting the norms of one's own culture is
Which of the following is not an effective way to increase the consultees' skills
avoid addressing the systems perspective
In general, parents of a child with a disability
less frequently engage in leisure activities
ADHD is often comorbid with all of the following:
Conduct Disorder; achivement problems, social problems
Limitations of Rating Scales include all of the following:
rating scales represent informant's impressions of that behavior; rater may not remember exact behavior; rater may be biased
What is one of the goals of problem-solving consultation?
provide methods for changing a child's behavioral, academic, or social problems
The traditional school psychology paradigm focuses on childrens...
What is dyslexia?
reading disorder that affects word recognition
When does IDEA require FBA's for students with disabilities?
Whens tudents become the subject of school discipline proceedings
Which of the following is not a factor that influences intervention adherence?
child's disability
____ occurs when a school psychologist acquires knowledge about the triggers and functions of a student's problem behaviors.
functional behavioral assessment
Family members may go through various stages of grieving when first informed and may benefit from _____
The system consultant's role is to:
The unit, according to the Guidelines, is defined as...
The entity responsible for ensuring that schools, students, and families receive comprehensive psychological services.
How many stages of family relocation are there?
When compared with reading disabilities, what type of disabilities is under-diagnosed and under-served?
written expression
The proposed new school psychology paradigm stresses...
WShat is the definition of a keystone variable?
Keystone variables are those that, if changed are likely to positively impact the largest set of other significant behaviors, perceptions, or problem environments to most efficiently provide long term resolution of problem situations
Cultural traits represent ____ whereas biological traits represent____.
ethnic groups; race
When working with any parent, it is important to:
have flexible scheduling
Pre-requjisites necessary to carry out a pre-referral team include
understanding of dydacdic consultation; understanding of a problem-solving model; understanding of literature and interventions based on research
What is the best communication mode for a hearing impaired child?
depends on the child
School psychologists play a valuable role in educating the public, parent, and other educational professionals about what with regard to high-states testing?
the statistics underlying educational assessment
When one is working with an individual of the hearing impaired population, some variables to consider include ____.
the etiology of deafness, the range and diversity of hearing loss type, the degree of hearing loss
____ is harder to detect and may be more covert.
Institutional racism
postiv e behavior interventions includ
self-management; behaviorla momentum; school-home contingency notes
When you make a system or a subsystem transparent, what must you do?
Make sure everyone knows what everyone else is doing
A model for viewing the individual child within a systems framework was proposed by:
Which Constitutional Amendment is considered to grant the matter of public education to states?
The 10th Amendment
What approach emphasizes normal variation among students and encourages alternative plans to follow in achieving their learning outcomes
systems-based assessment intervention
Barkley attributes all symptoms of ADHD to a single phenomenon -
Behavioral disinhibition
Visual memories are retained and used to facilitate acquisition of language concepts and other skills:
when onset is after the age of 5
Broader Consultation may involve
a whole school
The job of the school psychologist in the life of a hearing impaired child includes the role _______.
advocate and consultant
Which part of the consultation report includes a description of any intervention programs or procedures used during consultation?
intervention plan
Despite its widespread use, which of the following Assessments lacks evidence of utility in educational decision making?
When determining expectations for the individual, it is advantageous to compare the child to their...
previous expectations.
When is parent involvement greatest in school?
elementary school years