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Why should I read the Book of Mormon?
Dallin Oaks is reading the Book of Mormon and finding truths he never dreamed were there.
· You will find that it brings peace, joy, and happiness into your life.
· Ezra Taft Benson:
o Keystone of our religion
o Written for our day
o Bring us nearer to God than any other book
What does the Book of Mormon prove?
· Proves the truthfulness of the B ible
· Divine mission of Joseph Smith, a prophet of God
What are the three purposes of the Book of Mormon?
To show unto the house of Israel what great things the Lord hath done for their Fathers

· House of Israel will know the covenants of the Lord

· Convince the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ

o –Title Page
What is the keystone of our religion? How is it the keystone?
The Book of Mormon, if you take it away we have no religion.(Joseph Smith)
· Keystone of our witness of Christ, doctrine of Resurrection, and our testimony.
How does the translation rate compare?
King James took 50 English scholars for seven years

· Joseph Smith translated 10pg/day in abt 85 days.

· Proof: The Book of Mormon is TRUE!
How does Lehi’s story fit into the timeline of other events?
same time as Jeremiah
see packet pg 17
Who are the “many prophets” besides Lehi who would have prophesied against Jerusalem?
· Zephaniah, Habukkuk,Jeremiah
· See LDS Bible Dictionary Chronology Chart p 639
Is there a pattern to Lehi’s story?(mark in scriptures)
Prophet prays, sees a vision, heavenly beings come down, prophet is given a book, he declares what he has seen, people seek his life
How far did Lehi’s family travel into the wilderness before the sons returned for the brass plates?
160-180 miles
What are some semitic phrases?(mark in scriptures)
· River of water, plates of brass, etc.
Laman and Lemuel murmured that they had to face hard things. What is the hardest test for us?
ease and luxury
What are the reasons for obtaining the brass plates?
· Contained geneology
· Preserved the language of their fathers
· Preserve the words of the prophets
· Thousands of Lamanites were converted through sons of Mosiah
· Future thousands were to be converted(including our time)
What were the reasons for Nephi to kill Laban?
· Laban had sought Nephi’s life.

· Laban would not hearken to the commandments.

· Laban had stolen their property.

· Joseph Smith: “that which is wrong under one circumstance is right under another…revelation is adapted to the circumstances in which the children of the kingdom are placed”
What did the brass plates contain?
Five books of moses, record of Jews, prophecies of holy prophets(past Adam-Zedekiah), prophecies of Jeremiah(current prophet), genealogy, commandments
Why did they go back to Jerusalem to bring Ishmael’s family?
· To get wives
How is the fact that they went back to Jerusalem to get wives significant?
Shows to us how important marrying in the covenant is

· Howard W. Hunter: Temple marriage is a commandment. You wouldn’t accept a worldly form of baptism, would you? Would you accept a worldly form of marriage? He has his mode of marriage: temple marriage.
How should we date?
Young teens: general acquaintances
· 16 and up: casual, friendship dating
· Pre mission: still friendship dating, nothing approaching intimacy
· Post mission: courtship, leading to marriage
What is the meaning of Lehi’s dream? What does everything represent?
appendix pg. 2
field-the world
fruit-greatest gift
greatest gift-eternal life
What do the small plates contain? What do the large plates contain?(mark in scriptures)
Small plates(1 Nephi-Omni)-ministry
Large plates(Mosiah-Moroni)-history
How do the large and small plates connect?
Large plates(Mormon) and book of Ether(Moroni)abridged onto Gold plates
· Small plates attached by Mormon, connected by words of Mormon
Which plates did Joseph actually take with him from the Hill Cumorah?
· Gold plates with the small plates attached
What was the wise purpose for making the small plates?
Lost 116 pages
What did Lehi prophesy?
Jerusalem would be destroyed by Babylon, then brought back, Jesus would be born 600 years after Lehi left, John the Baptist, Jews would slay Messiah, He would rise, Nephites led promised land, Israel scattered and then gathered
· See 1 Nephi 10
What is the condescension of God?
· Compare verses 11:14-16 with 11:26
verses 14-16 refer to the Father
verse 26 refers to the Son
What are the different ways to refer to Israel?
· Israel is--
o a man formerly known as Jacob
o blood-Israelites are descendants of Jacob
o a land
o Gentiles who repent are “covenant Israel”
o Cultural or geographical Israel—those who live in or are from the land of Israel(most often for BoM)
Who does Nephi refer to as Gentiles?
People not from the land of Israel
· Colonists who came to America
· Gentiles brought forth Book of Mormon and other books
· Those who live in a “Gentile” nation
· See 1 Nephi 13 verses 3-13, 34, 39
What is the great and abominable church?
It is no t the Catholic church which was formed after truths were taken out in 325 AD.
In 1 Nephi 13 it is the actual historical church that went into apostasy
· In 1 Nephi 14 it is a typological church that symbolized wickedness.
Was Columbus inspired by the Holy Ghost?
· Yes. “Our Lord..unlocked my mind, sent me upon the seas, and game me fire for the deed..But who can doubt the Holy Ghost inspired me?”
Were the colonists inspired as well?
· Yes. See 1 Ne. 13:13
What is the official position of the Church on the accuracy of the Bible?
· Joseph Smith: “there were many important points that had been taken from the Bible” there were many “ignorant translators, careless transcribers, or corrupt priest that committed errors”

· See BD p 624, Jeremiah 8:6-9, 36:23
What are the other books?
D&C, Pearl of Great Price, and JST
What will these last records(the "other books")do?
· Four things found in 13:40(mark it!)
How does the first become the last and last become the first?
In Jesus’ day- Jews were taught Gospel first then Gentiles
· In our time(the Latter Days)-Gentiles will be taught first then Jews
What are the two parts to the gathering of Israel?
Accept Christ and be baptized(spiritual)
· literal gathering:Return to homeland(physical)
Who taketh the truth to be hard? How does this apply to us today?
The guilty taketh the truth to be hard.

· Spencer W. Kimball: “French kissing is an abomination and stirs up passion that results in eventual loss of virtue”…This is the truth. Do you take it to be hard?
What symbols or applications does the Liahona have in our lives?
We each have a conscience that tells us when we start on the wrong path.
· The gift of our patriarchal blessing.
· The scriptures change meaning as we read them again, just as the Liahona's writing changed according to their faith, diligence, and heed.
How accurate were Laman and Lemuel about how Jerusalem was righteous?
Wrong. “Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadnezzer..people had even turned to cannibalism.”
How does the Spirit speak?
· It whispers, it does not shout, if we are preoccupied with other things, we won’t be able to hear it
What influences today would be offensive to the Lord and his spirit?
Quentin L. Cook and Mick Jagger story

· Rock music jams the “channels of communication” and “suits the purposes of the adversary by obstructing the delicate channels of revelation in both mind and spirit” compass stops working
What is the standard described in 1 Ne. 21:22?
· Everlasting covenant
· The Church
· The Book of Mormon
Will anyone know the time of the Second Coming
Yes, the prophet will know because everything that is come to pass is made known to the prophets.
Who is the God of our Fathers, God of Abraham, and of Isaac?
Jesus Christ
Who were the prophets that came before Lehi? When did they live? Where are their writings?
Zenock, Neum, and words of Zenos, Old Testament prophets, written on Brass plates
What is the purpose of the gathering of Israel? Where will people gather?
to build a temple to the Lord, so that those who did not get the chance to be baptized in this life can have ordinance done for them
in their own countries, native lands
What is the Church's stance on evolution?
-no evolution in humans, Adam was the first man, we are created in likeness of Heavenly Father
What is Elder Packer's perspective on evolution?
"no idea has done more to destroy the family than the idea that we are not the offspring of God"
What reasons does Elder Packer give for his stance on evolution?
1.revelations from God 2. understanding of sealing authority 3. statements of prophets and apostles 4. our conscience 6.personal revelation
Is the Fall literal or figurative?
It is figurative, tree of life represents eternal life, tree of knowledge represents mortality. The Lord uses symbols so that only the spiritually literate will understand.
What would have happened if Adam and Eve had not transgressed?
Everything would have remained in the same state
What happens in each phase?
phase 1-spirit creation, celestial

phase 2-before fall, physical and spiritual creation,world was created, terrestial, NO death, sin, corruption, no happiness, no children

phase 3-after fall, present world, telestial, death, good, evil, choices, happiness, children

refer to Moses 5 :10,11
Are we to know all the answers about the creation, fall and origin of man? How important is it to know about the Fall?
Part of the Plan is to walk by faith without having the answers. Salvation comes by the Fall. Mortality and procreation and Earth all had their beginnings in the Fall. The Creation, Fall, and Atonement are all interwoven.
2Nephi 3:3-4 makes references to 4 Joseph's.. Who are they?
Joseph, Lehi's son

Joseph, sold into Egypt

Joseph Smith Sr.

Joseph Smith Jr.
Where are these great prophecies of Jospeh? Why do they not appear in the Old Testament?
".. some of the writings of Joseph are still in existence but have not been published to the world.. The record of Abraham translated by the Prophet was subsequently printed.. known as Book of Abraham.. Translation of the book of Jospeh has not yet been publishd. Not published because prophecies were too great for our day."
Who and what did Lehi bless before he died?
The new land of promise, his sons collectively, Zoram, Jacob, Joseph, Laman's children, Lemuel's children, Ishmael's children
What things did Nephi write in 2 Nephi 4:15-35? What can they be compared to, and what are they useful for?
Wrote the things of his soul. Can be compared to Old Testament psalms. They can bring solace to a troubled soul if read aloud.
What happened in 721, 600 and 587 B.C.?
10 Tribes taken captive by Assyria
Lehi left Jerusalem
Jerusalem destroyed by Babylon
What are the husband, wife and children symbolizing in 2 Nephi 7?
children, wife= Israel
What priesthood was held by Jacob, Nephi, and Lehi?
Melchizedek Priesthood
Did the Nephites hold the Aaronic Priesthood? If not, why?
Descendents of Levi held the Aaronic Priesthood, but there were no descendants of Levi in Lehi or Ishmael's family. So... none of the Nephites held the Aaronic Priesthood.
Is the present day gathering of the Jews to Palestine political or spiritual? What does the gathering of Israel consist of?
It is political and not the gathering of which the prophecies speak. The gathering of Israel consists of joining the church of jc of lds which church is the only true church upon the face of the whole earth
Are the doctrines of gathering and resurrection connected?
Yes, the gathering of Israel to build a temple in which God's spirit may dwell forshadows the gathering of our elements to build a temple in which our spirit may dwell
Was Jacob the first prophet to preach this doctrine of resurrection? If not, who was?
No, it was Adam
How is the atonement considered infinite?
It is timeless, and covers past, present and future
True or False: 1. There was sin in the premortal existence.
2. Jesus presented one plan, and Lucifer presented another. Father chose Jesus' plan.
3.Satan wanted to force everyone to be obedient so we could all come back to God's presence and he would receive the glory.
True, False, False
The atonement overcomes both deaths brought about by Adam's fall unconditionally. What are these two deaths and their definitions?
Physical, which is separation of body and spirit.
Spiritual, which is separation of man from God.
What was the first judgement that came upon man?
It was "though shalt surely die." The judgment included both physical and spiritual death.
What did Jacob teach us would have happened to us if christ had not completed the atonement?
1. Our bodies would rot, crumble, and rise no more
2. Everyone would all become devils.