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What role do movable joints play in the body?
Movable joints allow the body 2 make a wide range of movements.

What causes osteoperosis?
Mineral loss
List five important functions that the skeleton performs in the body.
Your skeleton has 5 major functions. It provides shape and support. Enables you to move, protects all internal organs, produces blood cells, stores certain materials until you need them.
Know all the layers of a bone...
First is the bone\outer membrane, then is the compact bone, inside this is spoungy bone,and then the bone marrow, also blood vessels
What is an MRI and why is it better than an xray? worse?
Mri- a large cylinder that contains electro magnets
better- doesent damage cells
clear pictures at any angle of tissue and muscle injuries.
worse- cant see broken bones exteremely expensive.
A form of energy that travels in waves.
How can you keep your bones strong
and healthy?
You can keep a balanced diet and get regular excercise.
what are the movable joints?
ball and socket joint- allows greatest range of motion. Ex: shoulder, hip.

Pivot joint- limited ability to turn. Ex: neck

Hinge joint- allows exstensive forward and backward motion. Ex: knee

Gliding joint- allows one bone to slide over the other. Ex: wrist
What are three common bone and joint injuries?
Fracture: Break in the bone

Sprain: when ligaments tear in places.

Dislocation: when a bone comes out of its joint.