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60yo, lower back pain/1month, normal urinalyis, cbc, and serum elctorolyte panel. 20yrs earlier she was treated with hodgekins dz with abdominal irradiation and chemotherapy, but recurrence is seen. MRI = 10x15cm, ooid mass on the left retroperitoneum...condition is
Malignant fibrous histocytoma..mone of the most common varites of soft tissue sarcoma in adults and is the most common type of postirradiation srcoma
60yo male diagnosed with chronic myloid leuckemia, treated with chemo. develps inflammation of rist joint. aspieration of joint reveals needle shaped crystals..what is was the process in pathogenissis of inflam
excessive production of uric acid from dying leukemic cells..seconcary gout
osteoclast in a callus near the cortex of the right tibial daphysis of a skier sitting in the lodge b/c of tibial fracture would...
resorb bone for bone remodeling while ostoblasts produce new bone.
70 yo male complains of right hip thigh pain x seeral months. XR of plvis= narrowed joint space near the acetabulum. serum alkaline phosphatease is high, but calcium and phosphoru are normal. most common cause...
osteitis deformans...mosaic pattern of lamellar bone characteristic of paget diseae..3 phases, lytic (early), classic mixed phase with osteoslcerosis and osteolysis, leadin gto the "mosaic" and a scleorotic "burnt-out" phase
35 yo femal experience malais, fatigue, and joint pain x several months. symmetric joint invlvmt in hands and feet, progressive loss of joint motion and swan neck deformity and ulnar devation fo the hands. likel lab finding...
positive rheumatoid fctor in serum b/c she has rheumatoid arthritis, which is autoimmune dz
79 yo male, diagnosed with paget's years ago. vertabral bodies, ischium, and skull are affected. likel cocmplication to suffer
osteosarcoma...5-10% of pts with severe polystotic pagets dz, present with osteosarcomas in years later in bone involved
6yo oy complains of some discomfort in his upper neck and firm, 5cm palaple mass, nonpainful or warm. histochemical stain likely to be postive in this lesion..
Vimentin..this is a rhabdomyosarcoma, the most common sarcoma in teh pediatric age range. Sarcomas mark with antiB to vimmentin, and intermeidate cytoplasmic filament, by immunoperoxidase staining.
3wks after contusion to the upper arm, a 26yo male develops painful, 2cm, well-circumscribed, subcutaneous mass.. expected lesion
Nodular fasciitis...a reactive fibroblastic proliferation tha is seen in the upper extremities and trunk of young adults, sometimes occuring after trauma
urithritis x several days, 28yo male with acute pain and swelling in left kknee. aspirate form knee = neutrophils, and gram - intracellular diplococi. no crystals...infecting agetn
Neisseria gonorrhoeae...the most likely cause of an acute suppurative arthritis in sexually active person.
75yo male, most contributor of osteopoosis..
decreased production of osteoid by osteoblasts
47yo malewith dull pain in mid section of riht thight x 4 months. pain is constant, worse with movement. Xr negative for frxr, but an ill-defined soft tissue mass is seen. MRI = 10x8x7 cm mass below quads...lesion likely..
66yo male, left knee pain x 6 wks, no lesions, no loss of motion, no trauma, MRI = 4cm well circumscribed mass superior and inferior to patella in soft tissue, no bone erosion. biopsy = biphasic pattern of spindle cells and epithelial cells froming gland. Karyotipic analysis = t(X:18) translation. diagnosis...
synovial sarcoma
minor fall, 63yo fml = compelte right femoral neck fracture...most likely contributing factore..
postmenopausal bone loss
51yo man pain in right knee, lower back and right distal fifth finger, and neck. stiff joints in morning, some joint creptus is audible on moving the knee. Serum ca and phosphorus, alskaline phosphatase, adn uric acid aare normal. diagnois...
30yo male, abd cramps and bloody diarrhea. stoll + for shigella flexneri, resolved in week. 6wks later, severe low back pain. exam = stiffness of lumbar joints and tenderness of sacroilic joints. given nsaids. monts later, back pain again, redness of right eye,a nd blureed vision. postive lab test...
HLA-B27 genotype